So this past Holiday weekend we decided to take the kids up to Storyland. If you live in New England you most likely will have heard of it and even visited it. This was a last minute thing for us, my husband said lets go so we talked to the boys and then booked a room for the night in North Conway, NH. My older son has been there before and liked it but he is kinda big for it but was fine with going. My younger son is only six and he had not been there so he was very excited. I think I heard are we there yet a million times in the car on the way there.

I looked around online before we left and many of the resorts and hotels in North Conway, NH were sold out. I am always looking for great places to stay up in North Conway that way when I help clients with there Storyland or Polar Express packages I can tell them about places that are great to stay and a good value. I did find a one bedroom suite at the Marriott Residence Inn for the night so I booked it. I was disappointed there was no travel agent discount available but it is what is it. The Marriott is really close to the Settlers Green outlets and we wanted to look for some new clothes for my husband. So the plan was to have something to eat after we got in the area, check in at the Marriott, and then do some shopping. If the kids were good then we were going to take them swimming at the indoor pool.

We hit some traffic heading up to North Conway so we arrived alittle after 3pm and had some dinner at The Muddy Moose it was pretty good. Then we went back to the Marriott and checked in. The check in was quick and easy and Carol was very nice. I was given information about the room, the breakfast in the morning, the pool, and more. We then headed up to the room #302 on the 3rd floor.

I was told that this was a fairly new resort, less than a year old. The rooms are starting to show some wear and tear and alot of that is from guests. The dark wood in the bedroom that they have the TV on and the night stands all had stains on them. It was clear it was from glasses or bottles being left on them with no coaster. There was a stain on the rug, food under the couch when I opened it up to make it for the kids, and several other things. The biggest issue here was the blanket for the pull out couch it was gross.

Here are some pictures from the Marriott:
This is the Lobby and Breakfast Area on the first floor it was clean and welcoming.

Here are some pics of the room:

Here is that gross blanket they left in the room for the pull out:

The View from the living room window:

Even with this blanket issue I would stay here again. This was obviously a house keeping issue and could happen anywhere. It was nice to have the space, the pool was clean, the lobby was clean, the breakfast spread in the morning was pretty good and it was included with the room. The staff was friendly and welcoming. I did call Marriott when I returned home and I heard from the resort and they apologized and offered a free one night stay to make up for it. We do not go up that way often but I like I said I would stay here again.

Now for Storyland! They opened at 9am so I was sitting out front at 815am I know you think thats crazy but that is how I am. I do not like to wait in lines and I just love when I you are first and then other people show up and just stand in front of you even though you were there way before them. 😉

We went in right at 9am when they opened and had a great day. The kids loved Bamboo Chutes, Turtle Whirl, and the Polar Coaster. We had a few snacks while there but not much. They actually do not have many food options and we decided to hit the Pizza Barn on the way home. If you are ever near the Pizza Barn you have to try it there food is AMAZING!!

Here are some Storyland pics:

We all know I love the White Rabbit!

The Polar Coaster!!

Bamboo Chutes:

Turtle Whirl:

Some other fun pics from the day:

If you know me you will so get this

And this…..;)

We had a great day and around 345pm or 4pm headed back out and stopped at Pizza Barn on our way home. It took a few hours but then we were home.
If you have the chance to visit Storyland you should. It really is a great place for younger kids.