2017 May, 8

On the Rocks Poolside Bar and Grill at Saratoga Springs Resort- A Review

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  If you look up a definition of “on the rocks”, you’ll find several different options. You say something is “on the rocks” if it is likely to fail. If you order a drink “on the rocks”, it means it has ice in it. But, the “On the Rocks” I want to tell you about is the great poolside bar and grill located at Walt Disney World’s Saratoga Springs Resort. Saratoga Springs Resort has a unique story. It is inspired by historic Saratoga Springs- a late 1800’s New York retreat famous for its’ spas and horse racing. You’ll find all [...]

2014 November, 26

The Best Snacks at Disneyland Park

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There is no denying that the food at Disneyland is delicious. Options range from pizza to Monte Cristo sandwiches with almost everything in between! However, there are some times when you don’t want to waste valuable park time sitting down for a full meal. Here is a list of the best snack foods at Disneyland Park to fill you up and fulfill your cravings. 1. Churros If you need a sugar burst or just to satisfy your sweet tooth, pick up a churro at one of the many stands around the park. Portable, light, and delicious churros will give you [...]

2014 May, 21

Garden View Tea Room

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Prepare to indulge yourself and relax at the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Afternoon Tea! Nestled in the back of the lobby is the Garden View Tea Room, where you will be treated to a beautiful setting overlooking the garden, with sunny windows and intimate spaces. It is the perfect spot to have a quiet reprieve from your busy schedule, a bridesmaid luncheon, or moment of pampering! You are given several options to entice your palate, the Buckingham Tea, Princess Kate Tea, The Grand Tea and Prince Edward Tea. Each of these offerings include three or four courses including [...]

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