2014 June, 6

Maui Wowie!

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You know how we all work all year long at the gym or hitting the streets to run/walk so that we look great in a swimsuit? Or at least look decent? Well, I know that going to Hawaii is one of my incentives for keeping in shape. I look forward to enjoying all that the island life has to offer- the scenery, the great seafood, and the beautiful beaches. Whether you’re taking a helicopter ride over the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, hiking one of Kauai’s nature trails, hanging out with the family at Disney’s Aulani on Oahu, [...]

2013 December, 6

Beautiful, other worldly Iceland

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People would ask me “Where are you going for your honeymoon?” and I knew what they were envisioning: warm beaches, swimsuits, and umbrella drinks. Then I’d answer them: “Iceland!” We went to Iceland in mid-October for our honeymoon. Yes, it’s cold there, but not crazy-cold. Temps in mid-October were around 40F, so we were quite comfortable in jeans and jackets. We flew IcelandAir nonstop from Boston to Reykjavik (the capital), which took only about five hours, and arrived at 7:00am, while it was still dark. At that time of year, the sun comes up around 9:00, so it’s perfect for [...]

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