2023 August, 11

Who should use a travel advisor?

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We all know there are many options for planning a vacation on your own – There are plenty of travel websites and apps that are easy to use, social media sites where you can ask your friends’ opinions, and internet spots to help you build a bucket list. But a Travel Advisor can be a great resource, and here are some situations when it’s a great idea to hire one to help you! 1. You’ll be visiting a new destination. There are so many questions when planning a visit to a new place: Which area is best for your family [...]

2021 February, 12

Road Trip Survival Tips

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              Travel of any sort with kids in the mix has its challenges, but for many people, the thought of the whole family being trapped in the car for a day or more together sounds horrifying. I’m happy to fly with my kids, but there are times when it’s not the best option. I’ve made several 12+ hour road trips with my kids, one of whom is a toddler, in the past year. It might seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! One of the first things you can do [...]

2020 May, 25

Travel Tips during the COVID-19 Era

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Travel Tips during the COVID-19 Era   In March 2020, travel in America was wrecked.  Overnight, everything ceased to exist as we knew it.  Now that States are beginning to reopen, we have questions: When can I travel, where can I travel, is it safe to travel; and so many more.  Here at Travel With The Magic, we have been monitoring new guidelines, sailings, park openings, and more.  While we don’t have all of the answers, we can provide tips to help make the safest decision for you and your family.   1) Talk to your doctor.  It is always [...]

2020 March, 21

Why you should use a Travel Agent

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“The human world… it’s a mess”  I bet we are all feeling a little like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid right now, wishing we could be Under The Sea, am I right? With news of quarantines, social distancing, and closures world-wide, it’s hard to not feel down about the current state of things. Not to mention, it’s even harder to feel positive about the state of things when your vacation has been cancelled!    Disruptions to the travel industry are normal - expected even. We deal with disruptions every year during hurricane season! But there’s a first for everything - [...]

2016 January, 6

BOGO Further Sale from Royal Caribbean®

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BOGO Further Sale from Royal Caribbean® Paddle the waters of Friar’s Bay and pet dolphins in Basseterre. Go on a once-in-a-lifetime memory expedition with Royal Caribbean and save big. With their BOGO Getter Sale, you’ll get 50% off your second guest, up to $300 to spend at sea, a reduced deposit and 25% off your third and fourth guests. Contact us today to book! Cruise must be booked Jan. 4-Feb. 15, 2016 (“Offer Period”). Offer applies to all sailings, excluding China departures. Offer includes 50% off cruise fare of second guest booked in the same stateroom as first [...]

2015 March, 24

10 Tips for a Great Carnival Cruise

2015-03-24T06:00:00-04:00March 24, 2015|Travel, Travel Destinations|1 Comment

Whether this is your first cruise, or your tenth, you'll find some useful tips here to improve your upcoming trip! 1. Get your passport. On my recent cruise on the Carnival Magic, the embarkation lines were crazy long. Once we got through the ID checkpoint and into the line for room keys, my group was singled out and moved into a different (much shorter!) line. Why? Because we had two things going for us: we had passports and we did the 2. Online check-in. You can give the cruise line all your information ahead of time, print out a boarding [...]

2015 March, 18

The Atlantis-Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Paradise. Well, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, but it’s pretty close to Paradise! You’ve seen this hotel in movies and on commercials. It’s made to look like as though it rose from the ocean. It’s a very large resort with beautiful architecture. There is some of the bluest water in the world in the Bahamas. One of my friends even called it “Aqua Marine” and I believe she is right! There are also some of the friendliest people there that I’ve ever encountered at the Atlantis! The staff at the Atlantis all seems [...]

2014 October, 6

Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort

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Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort is your home away from home. Each room is catered to truly make you feel you are on vacation, but with all the convenience of home. For example, every room has a coffee maker, air conditioning, television, internet access, telephone, microwave oven, refrigerator, safe, and so much more. Most rooms also have an amazing ocean view and lanai (a balcony or covered patio). Not to mention literally being just steps away from Waikiki Beach. Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort is located in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii! Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort also has a restaurant on [...]

2014 June, 29

Death Match 2014-Days 14 &15 trip report

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The End of the Road Day 14 - After breakfast today, I stopped in the office at Pismo Lighthouse Suites and asked the desk clerk how find the sand dunes we looked for during yesterday's frightful adventure. It turns out that we had the right place the very first time! The place that had a flashing sign asking for permits and papers was just for people who want to DRIVE on the dunes. There's a restaurant just off the road where people can park and walk onto the dunes and beach. Knowing this, we had to go there after we [...]

2014 June, 22

Death Match 2014 – Day 8 trip report

2014-06-22T07:00:00-04:00June 22, 2014|Travel|0 Comments

UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD Background: About a year ago, I got a great idea for a road trip. I'd take my kids, fly from my hometown of Houston TX , to San Diego CA, and then drive from San Diego to Oakland. We'd stop and see all the sights along the way, and then fly home from Oakland. Then I asked my friend Gina, who lives in California, if she'd like to come along. With her kids. She agreed, and Death Match 2014 was born. Two ladies, seven kids, and a 15-day road trip up the California Coast. Day 8- Today was [...]

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