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Why you should use a Travel Agent


“The human world… it’s a mess”  I bet we are all feeling a little like Sebastian from The Little Mermaid right now, wishing we could be Under The Sea, am I right? With news of quarantines, social distancing, and closures world-wide, it’s hard to not feel down about the current state of things. Not to mention, it’s even harder to feel positive about the state of things when your vacation has been cancelled!    Disruptions to the travel industry are [...]

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Cruising with Carnival


Often times when I tell people that I can help them with their travel reservations the response I get is “but we’re not going to Disney World”. I suppose because Disney World is one of my favorite places to travel to people assume that Travel with the Magic only does Disney trips. However, this is definitely not the case! We can assist with travel reservations of all types. And I would like to talk about another one of my favorite [...]

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2012 Disney Destinations Top Sales Performer


Last year we were Awarded the “Golden Mouse Ears” for Top sales performance in 2011 from Disney Destinations and we have repeated that achievement again for 2012.  Travel with the Magic was Awarded this one of a kind, hand embellished giclée of Mickey Mouse as a 2012 Disney Destinations, LLC Top Sales Performer as part of Disney’s Earmark Program.  THANK YOU to everyone on the Travel with the Magic team for all their hard work and dedication to our wonderful [...]

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Learning about the Disneyland® Resort


Corby Cook and Amy Schrenk recently went out west to the Disneyland®Resort in California to take part in an agent education program.  Congrats on your graduation ladies!

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