Test Track -Design Your Dream Car and Take it for a Spin!

Last December among the excitement at the Magic Kingdom over the Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland, tech geeks and car fanatics where just as excited about a Grand RE-Opening over at Epcot. But, as you will soon find out, Test Track is not just for techies and car buffs!

Test Track

During most of 2012 Test Track went through a major overhaul and when it reopened it was obvious right away that this was not just a new coat of paint, the renovation gave us a whole new experience to enjoy. This is not a wait in line, board the car, and ride type of Attraction. Test Track is probably one of the most customizable and interactive rides at Walt Disney World.

I don’t want to give it all away but I do want to show you some quick highlights.

The queue, in true Disney style, is no boring line. Chevrolet has some amazing prototypes to gawk over when you first walk in. Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you will enjoy the displays.


With Test Track the experience begins long before you get on the ride. You will soon be placed in a group and told where to stand on a grid like this one…


Next you will enter the Chevrolet Design Center where you get to design every aspect of your vehicle from engine, speed, and other mechanical things, that I don’t understand, to color (my favorite) and shape/style. Through RFID technology, your design is saved and ready to be “tested”. In the Design Studio you can work alone on your design or work with up to 2 other people. There is a timer letting you know how much time you have left to make your design decisions.


Now it’s time to ride! Your spot in the vehicle has a screen where your design is loaded so you can keep up with your stats and progress along the way and how your vehicle design measures up to others. If you have ridden Test Track in the past this is the same track but the ride feels so different with the updates. After the big finale of the ride, the experience is still not over! After unloading, you will see your stats on a big screen and see how you measured up to all the other designs. Then, there are interactive games like the one below where you can actually “drive” your designed car on a series of videogame tracks and race your opponents/friends.


The last stop is also interactive. Chevrolet has some floor models to check out but notice the screens around the room. These are like green screens and you can actually choose from many different backgrounds and settings and get your picture taken and emailed to you. It makes for a fun, free souvenir or a free postcard type greeting to send instantly home to family and friends.


Test Track is a whole new experience and the WHOLE process is not to be missed. That being said, once you have done it, if you are just itching to get back in the car and quickly ride again, remember that Test Track does have a Single Rider option!

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~Aleshia Sokoloski, Travel with the Magic~