Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort is a moderate resort at Walt Disney World resort in Florida. What a lot of people don’t realize because they are so busy going to the parks every day, is that the resort itself has a lot to offer!


Let’s start with Centertown. This is where you will find the pool area and shops, as well as the pool bar and several shaded tables to sit under. I personally spent some time with my iPad just hanging out at a table one afternoon and it was really nice!


If you prefer to relax in the air conditioning, then step into the food court area where there is plenty of seating.


Another great “seat” is in the hammocks scattered along the beached around the resort. There are also several lounge chairs if you prefer. Lots of kids can be found playing in and running through the sand. I preferred a nap in the hammock though!


If you prefer a little more activity on your vacation, this resort is a great place to go for a run. It’s very large, but the sidewalks are plenty large enough to run on. When I ran there were several shaded parts as well as some great scenery.


The kids need to get some energy out? Check out this cute playground at the resort! The flooring is sort of spongy so it’s safe for kids. On the other side are picnic tables and a bit of shade for mom and dad.


I was really impressed with the pool area, especially the on set aside just for the littlest mouseketeers. It was fenced in so you can keep an eye on your family a bit easier. It looked like a lot of fun!


The “big kids pool” has multiple waterslides and ample place to swim and play. In the afternoons, a cast member hosts a fun pool party with games for the kids.



Hidden among the palm trees are lots of benches and even covered swings looking out at the water. A perfect romantic spot to watch the sunset.


Caribbean Beach resort also has movies under the stars, a sit down restaurant, as well as a small marina. There is so much to do at a Disney resort before you even set foot in the parks! Be sure to get the calendar of events for the week from the resort front desk so you don’t miss a thing!

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