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One of the dreaded parts of any vacation for me is packing, but this task can be even more challenging when thinking of everything you need to tackle Disney. After my most recent trip I have compiled this list in hopes to make your packing and vacation experience more magical. If you would forget to pack some of these items Disney does have them for sale, but as a rule of thumb it comes with bigger price tag.

1. Make a List – I’m big on this and start making a list weeks before my trip. I keep a pocket sized notebook with me all the time so when I think of items we need to take I just add it to the ever growing list.

2. Lay out your outfits – By laying everything out you can eliminate packing too much. Most of the time you only need a few pairs of shorts or pants because you can wash mid-vacation.

3. The Roll – Whether you are driving or flying suitcase space is a premium, especially with most airlines charging by the bag. Believe or not by rolling your clothes you will save at least 25 % by volume and this is critical when trying to get those souvenirs home!! Up until my most recent trip I have been able to pack myself and two young children in ONE suitcase by doing this!!

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4. Ziploc bags – These are one of my favorites and I use them for everything!! I use a gallon size for each of my kid’s small items like underwear, socks, gloves, hats, hair ties and bows. Then I squeeze the air out of it so that they pack flat and no socks get lost. I also use these gallon size bags for my daughter’s bulky princess dresses and a bonus is all the glitter is contained!! Once at Disney I use these same bags to house each child an extra set of clothes, this way when and if an accident occurs you simply pull out the ziploc bag instead of digging in your backpack for each item of clothing. Lastly I pack extras of each size bag for snacks and desserts that are left over from the parks. (See photos below)

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5. Laundry – I hate coming home from vacation having a ton of dirty clothes, so I pack stuff to do it there. The biggest component to this is a pop up hamper, since it folds flat it packs perfectly in the bottom of your suitcase. First we set it up in the bathroom so everyone can throw in their dirty items at night. Finally, when it’s laundry time you can carry the full hamper with you. Also be sure the pack a Ziploc bag of Tide pods with you as laundry detergent is expensive on property.

6. Take your own Ponchos – I always hope that if I’m prepared and take ponchos we won’t need them, but the reality is in Florida it can rain anytime and is guaranteed daily if you visit during summer. Head to Wal-Mart before your trip and stock up on the ponchos in the camping section for less than a $1 each. They are cheap, don’t take up much room and serve a great purpose. Once the rain is over toss them and pack another round for the next day. Disney does sell ponchos for almost $9 each and if you are a frequent visitor they are a worthy investment. I’ve had some of mine for over 10 years!!

7. Comfortable Shoes – I always suggest packing at least 2 pairs of tennis shoes and 1 set of Sandals. This way if one pair would get wet from the rain you have a dry set for the next day and it gives the wet pair a chance to dry out. During my last trip we walked a minimum of 8 miles per day so make sure you don’t buy a brand new pair before you go.

8. Some type of bag – Shoulder, backpack or fanny pack; the choice is yours but having something is essential to keep all these things you may need in the park. If you are staying on property, your Magic Bands will house your credit card information so there really is no need for any type of credit cards or cash in the parks, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

9. Sunscreen, Hats & Sunglasses – All three of these items center around the sun and have the potential make your trip miserable. Make sure you get a small bottle for going through TSA security at the airport or just be safe and pack it.

10. Personal Fan with Mister – In the summer months these are essential as the heat and humidity are terrible. Disney sells them in the parks for near $18, but has the same brand (Squeeze Breeze) for $11 or a knock off for $8.

11. Glow Sticks & Bracelets – Disney sells many different types of things that glow in the dark and each one of them is not less than $15. A visit to your local Dollar Tree before your trip to stock up on glow items will make your wallet thank you later, trust me!!

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Courtney Burnside