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Considering a trip to Disney World, but think your kids are too old? Well think again, Disney offers a lot more than princesses and parades that will make those hard to please teens actually smile. Not all of the rides on my list are “thrill rides” in fact a couple of them don’t have a height requirement at all, however having traveled with both tweens and teens these rides are always on their “must-do” list each time we visit. So without further ado and in no particular order I hope you enjoy my “Top Rides for Teens.”

Big Thunder Mountain-Magic Kingdom, Frontierland

Hang on tight, “cause this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness.” This rollercoaster features a runaway mine train swooping, dipping and dropping into the canyons of the Big Thunder Mining Company.

Splash Mountain-Magic Kingdom, Frontierland

While trying to out run Br’er Bear and Br’ Fox you’ll also help Br’er Rabbit find his “laughing place” as you float among almost 1 million gallons of water! This meandering ride through caves, swamps and meadows will lead to the crest of a 5 story free fall. Be prepared you will get wet and most likely soaked.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland

Being the newest attraction on property this ride offers brand new technology that makes it one of a kind. The train cars are able to shift and sway freely up and down the hills and around the sharp turns to give it’s riders a new thrill. Also the new animatronics used in creating the dwarfs are just simply amazing.

Space Mountain-Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland

This classic ride is in a class by itself, step into your rocket as you are launched into space. This rollercoaster is in complete darkness and features numerous drops and tight corners that truly can’t be described-only experienced! Make sure you check out both tracks and be aware the further back you ride the rougher it is!

Pirates of the Caribbean-Magic Kingdom, Adventureland

This 9 minute leisurely boat ride isn’t on the list for “thrills”, although it does have a couple small drops, but more for the overall attraction. This ride simulates different scenes of the movie and remember to keep your eye for Jack Sparrow.

Kali River Rapids-Animal Kingdom, Asia

This ride allows you and 11 other people to experience the Chakranadi River in an exciting whitewater adventure. You’ll float along taking in the lush, tropical landscape while dodging waterfalls and learning about illegal logging and its impact on the rainforest. Be prepared because you will get wet and most likely soaked.

Expedition Everest-Animal Kingdom, Asia

Board your train and start this exhilarating quest through the Himalayan Mountains. As you reach the summit and the end of the tracks, you realize this isn’t your ordinary thrill ride just before you begin your decent backwards into the cavern. During the whirlwind ride you’ll zoom past the Yeti and launch over an 80 foot drop trying to escape the mammoth beast.

Primeval Whirl-Animal Kingdom, DinoLAND U.S.A.

This dinosaur themed rollercoaster features dips, twirls and spins from beginning to end with a lot of laughter in between. Make sure you like everyone in your “time machine” because by the end of the ride you’ll be on top of each other from all the hairpin turns.

Test Track-Epcot, Future World

This forward thinking ride presented by Chevrolet, allows you to design the car of your dreams and then take it to the track to see how it really performs. During the test drive you’ll see how your concept vehicle tackles different road terrains, hugs curves and handles the hills. From here you can take it to the nearly mile long track with prime speeds of 65 mph. If you have time try this ride both during the day and night!

Soarin’-Epcot, Future World

This is personally one of my favorite rides and a true sensory experience with sights, sounds and smells. Discover some of California’s most scenic destinations during your “hang-gliding” experience in front of the 180 degree IMAX screen. If you are scared of heights the top glider soars over 40 feet in the air, so make sure to ask for the lower level.

Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster-Hollywood Studios, Sunset Blvd

Hop into your Super Stretch limo and hang on tight as you are launched into LA’s skyline at 60 miles an hour in hopes to make Aerosmith’s concert. During this heart pounding ride you’ll experience 3 inversions (1 corkscrew & 2 rollover loops) all while rocking it out to some of the band’s most popular hits.

The Twight Zone Tower of Terror-Hollywood Studios, Sunset Blvd

No matter how many times we ride this it still makes me heart skip a beat and my palms sweat. Cast Members take their role seriously and encourage your nerves before boarding your service elevator. Once you’re locked in there is no turning back as you head up to the 13th floor and cross into the 5th dimension. The next time those elevator doors open you’ll have a bird’s eye view of Hollywood Studios before being plummeted down and up in a random pattern selected by a computer to ensure no two rides are the same. Be aware all guests check-in, but some never check-out!

Toy Story Midway Mania-Hollywood Studios, Pixar Place.

Welcome to the modern age 4D midway game that brings out the competitive spirit in all of us. Enjoy 5 unique rounds of 3D virtual, carnival games with the Toy Story crew while racking up points, but beware certain games fire back! Also do some research ahead of time and learn how to rack up major bonus points.

Did you know all of these rides offer the Fastpass+ , which can be booked 60 days prior to check-in if staying on Disney property? Utilizing a travel agent to arrange these is just one of the many services we offer for FREE!! Whether it’s your first or next trip to Disney I would love the opportunity to help. Please feel free to email me for a quote or follow me on Facebook and Pinterest for more Disney tips and tricks.

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