coins in water

Ever since I was a child, I have been intrigued with all the coins sitting on the base of the water of the It’s a Small World attraction in Magic Kingdom. I had always seen the money and wondered how much money is in that water? As I got older I found myself wondering where does the money go? Surely, they have to clean it out every now and then. What happens to it? After a recent visit, I decided to do some research and I learned that money is collected in two different ways.

coins in well

It’s a lot of work for Disney to collect money from the water rides like It’s A Small World. They’d have to shut the ride down, drain the water and dig the coins out. Clearly, that is quite a process and doesn’t happen often therefore the money becomes corroded and unusable as currency. So, every now and then, during a major ride refurbishment, Disney will go through the process of digging out the money which is then turned into scrap metal.

wishing well wdw

Money from some of the fountains and wishing wells is easier to recover, however. There is Cinderella’s Wishing Well near the castle at Magic Kingdom as well as Snow White’s Wishing Well in Disneyland. Look carefully and you’ll notice signs that say “Your wishes will help the Dreams of Children come true”. They actually do. In June 2013, Walt Disney World Resort donated $15,000 to the Foundation for Foster Children.

wishing well disneyland

There is also a stream at Animal Kingdom Lodge where coins are donated to Wildlife Conservancy.

So, next time you are in Disney World or Disneyland, remember all coins collected do go to charity. By making a wish, you’ll be helping others in the process.

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