We recently drove 14 hours to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the sun. Yes… we drove… with two preschoolers… No… we are NOT crazy. Well, maybe just a little. Driving instead of flying, especially for a larger family can really save money! These tips will definitely come in handy in upcoming years when we finally attempt to drive to Disney!

  1. Drive at night! Leave a couple hours before dinner and drive through the night! With a little luck your kids will sleep 7-10 hours of the trip! Ahhhhh…peaceful. Wondering what to do about being tired the next day? Make sure to make the first day after you arrive a “rest” day where you don’t plan to do as much.
  2. Grab dinner on the run. Once your kids are old enough not to worry as much about choking hazards grab take out and let them eat in the car. To help them manage their meal, purchase a shower caddy from your nearest Dollar General or Dollar Tree.                    lunch
  3. Change your kids into their pajamas before you leave. They will be comfortable and ready for bed if you are attempting to night drive.
  4. Snacks! Snacks make everything better. Stock up! You can even go the hardware store for these small compartmentalized containers. My kids thought they were so fun! Fill them before your trip with any kind of treats you like.


  1. Buy your kids lap desks! They are inexpensive and will really help them when coloring, putting together puzzles, or just reading a book.
  2. Movies! Some vehicles are awesome and have built in DVD players. We have DVD players that strap to the back of the seats. It was the best investment ever! The best part about them is that each one plays a different movie so no arguments about what to watch next! DVD players or electronic devices with headphone are also great!
  3. Put together an activity bag! When the kids start getting restless and “bored” give them puzzles, coloring books, notebooks, crayons, and games to occupy their time. Things that are “new” work best for us! The Dollar Tree is your best friend in this instance also.   coloringbooks
  4. While new is good, don’t forget to bring a couple familiar toys for the drive. We let our two pick a few toys to pack. Also don’t forget “comfort” items like a special blanket or their sound machine.
  5. Be flexible! If you are night driving, your kids are probably not going to fall asleep at their normal bedtime. That is ok! If they stay up a little later watching a DVD, hopefully they will sleep in a little longer in the morning while you drive in peace and quiet!
  6. Be patient! Driving with preschoolers isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Potty breaks and the sometimes ever repeating question “Are we there yet?” can be enough to make you want to pull your hair out, BUT it can be done. Breathe, offer them a snack and have one too! Snacks make everything better, especially chocolate ones!

Hopefully the following tips will help you keep your sanity on your next long road trip with your preschoolers! Need tips for your next road trip or Disney vacation? I can help you plan ALL of it!

My name is Lizeth and I am a Disney Travel Specialist. Contact me at, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.