A few short years ago, I was in the midst of one of the happiest – and most stressful – times of my life! I was planning a wedding AND a Disney vacation at the same time! Looking back, I think I spent more time worrying about the honeymoon at Disney World than I worried about the actual wedding! We had booked our vacation with a local travel agent – her services began and ended with making sure our resort and flights were taken care of, so I was left to plan all the details myself. Now, full disclosure – I’m the kind of person who likes to be in control of my plans, so maybe this was a good thing! But the lack of insider knowledge had me feeling like a fish out of water! I spent countless hour researching the in’s and out’s of Disney – by the time we traveled, I felt like a pro! Had we booked our trip with a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations, planning our honeymoon would’ve been a walk in the park! A few things learned along the way….

  1. The Disney Dining Plan is super easy to use…. Once you understand it. When we first used the Disney Dining Plan, we were a little confused – but that’s because we had no one to explain it to us! Once we had been there a few days, we’d gotten the hang of it, but a little insight into how the plans work would’ve been nice! (Not to mention, we came home with probably 10 snack credits left over because we didn’t know how to use them!)
  2. Picking which parks you’ll be at in advance. Thank goodness we were visiting Disney World during an off-season, or we probably would’ve spent much longer in lines than we anticipated! Since then, I’ve learned the art of choosing which parks you’ll be at on specific days in order to avoid heavier crowds. You won’t always get five-minute waits or empty parks, but with a little help from a vacation planner, you’ll know where not to be on certain days!
  3. We didn’t get our best deal. Here’s the bummer – after our trip was over, I found out we went during a major discount period that we were never made aware of! Now, I keep an eye out for discounts daily just to make sure my clients are getting the best deal possible on their vacation!
  4. Planning a first time Disney trip while keeping up with life events is NOT easy! For me, it was planning a week-long Disney trip while also planning the biggest party I’ll ever throw. For others, it’s planning a Disney trip while also taking care of your family, often during the school year when sports and other activities are happening! Life is busy, why do all this extra work when someone will do it for you for free?! Had I planned my trip with a vacation planner that specializes in Disney vacations, I wouldn’t have had to worry about the details of my trip while planning a wedding! Live and learn, my friends!

So how do you avoid making rookie mistakes like not knowing how the Dining Plan works or not choosing your park days wisely? Use a vacation planner that specializes in Disney vacations!! My name is Haley Tucker and I put all of my energy into making sure your Disney vacation is as magical as possible! Let me take the stress of planning a perfect family vacation away from you, and let me do all the work! I offer a range of services such as itinerary planning and taking care of your advanced dining reservations – and I do it all for free! Contact me today to get started on your next Disney vacation!