You’ve spent a lot of time pre-planning all the aspects of your Disney trip: You’ve got your dining reservations, your FastPass selections, your packing list, your game plan for each day… But have you given much thought to the END of your trip to Walt Disney World?

Ending your Walt Disney World Trip

I know, it’s the saddest part of your vacation, but I’m here with some tips to help you feel better about your departure.

  1. End your Disney trip on a Saturday. You can stay as late as you want, but you should plan to get home and sleep in your own bed on Saturday night. On Sunday, you can sleep late! Then unpack, do your laundry, upload your photos, and get your groceries for the upcoming week in a fairly relaxed manner before heading back to the Real World.
  1. If you stayed at one of Disney’s resort hotels, you should find a packet of information in your room (it will include the hotel’s scheduled events for the week, park hours, and other things). If you haven’t read it yet, take some time to look at every page before you check out. Sometimes Disney will include a “bounceback offer” in there, which is usually a great deal for another vacation next year! You’ll need to call the number before you leave in order to take advantage of the offer, and you’ll need to pay a deposit to hold your package, so be prepared! (Also be sure to tell them the name of your Travel Agent, so they can help you with your next vacation!)
  1. If you used one of the Disney Dining Plans, check the balance of your dining credits. If you have any Quick Service Credits or Snack Credits left over, visit a gift shop before you leave. You can use those credits to stock up on Mickey rice krispie treats, Minnie cookies, and assorted candy products to enjoy after you return home!

Disney Snacks

  1. If you’re flying home from Disney, use some antibacterial wipes on the armrests and tray tables. You don’t want your perfect vacation to be marred by coming home with a cold!
  1. On the ride home, talk to your family and make some notes for your next trip. What was great? What would you like to do again? What new things did you see that you want to include next time? Are there restaurants you’d like to try? A new resort? Disney’s two water parks? How about some miniature golf? Planning the next trip really helps to take the sting out of saying goodbye!

See You Real Soon

My name is Brenda Arnold-Richard, and I’m a Travel Planner with Travel with the Magic. I specialize in all Disney destinations, and I’d love to help you get the most out of your Disney vacation, and make some magical memories with your family! Email me at and let’s get started today!