Traveling with toddlers

Are you thinking about taking your toddler to Disney? Remember the following things! They could be beneficial on your next Disney trip!

1. Try to keep their schedule as “normal” as you can. If they take an afternoon nap come back to your Disney resort and take one! That’s one of the reasons that staying at a Disney resort is so amazing! It’s so easy to just jump on a bus and make your way back to your home away from home. We do this everyday of our trip! It’s worth it not to have my toddlers turn into tiny, angry, dictators!

2. Remember that Disney is a ton of walking even for kids who wouldn’t normally need a stroller. Our three year old never rides in a stroller, I mean EVER, UNLESS we are at Disney. Not only does he last longer in the day but we can quickly walk to places without worrying about losing him in the crowd. This comes in handy at rope drop when you are in a hurry to get to a popular attraction before the wait times become long.

3. Your toddler will probably have a tantrum AND that’s ok! Let them have their tantrum. Make sure they aren’t going to hurt themselves or someone else while having it but otherwise just let them. If you are in a restaurant you can always step outside until they are done. Don’t be embarrassed. Disney is full of parents. They will understand. If you encounter someone who doesn’t, eh who cares?

4. It might take your toddlers a couple nights to adjust to sleeping in a hotel room. If this is the case toddlers who normally are early risers might sleep in a little longer. Remember to adjust your breakfast dining reservations accordingly.

5. Unless you know your toddler or even preschool age child is a thrill seeker start off with smaller rides especially in regards to the roller coasters. Recently a friend posted that her preschooler wouldn’t ride any other ride after their first roller coaster experience, the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. It might not be scary to you or me but it could be to a little person who hasn’t ridden one before. The Barnstormer in the Magic Kingdom is a great 1st roller coaster to try!

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