For most travelers, your arrival time to Walt Disney World will not be first thing in the morning. Depending on where you are traveling from, you may arrive around lunch, or sometimes in the afternoon. I know you may be ready to start your vacation and ride some rides, but hang tight! If you are traveling with kids who have had to sit still for hours, the last thing they will want to do is stand in long afternoon lines for rides. Plus, it’s a shame to waste a whole day of park tickets for just a few hours, so here are some great alternatives for things to do on your arrival day without using a theme park ticket.


1.) Disney Springs: This is my “go to” activity when we arrive at WDW in the middle of the day. Once we get checked in, we drive or hop on a bus over to Disney Springs. They have just added a ton of new shops and restaurants, and there is also bowling at Splitsville as well as a fun splash pad for the kids. The World of Disney store is always a favorite, as is getting a treat from Goofy’s Candy co. Disney Springs is open late, and looks beautiful at night!


2.) Pool: This is a great one especially if you have kids that have been cooped up in a car or plane all day. Let them swim all of their energy out at your resort pool. Relax, you’re on vacation! Don’t worry if your room isn’t ready yet, you can leave your bags with bell services and pick them up later.


3.) Resort hop: This is a fun one, but I recommend check out areas where there are several resorts all together so that you aren’t trapped in a car or bus for so long. My suggestion is too check out all three resorts on the monorail loop, or walk around the Boardwalk to see the three hotels situated around the lake. They all have beautiful lobbies, shops, and restaurants to explore.


4.) Mini golf: Mini golf is available at the Walt Disney World resort, as well as “real” golf. Be sure to make a tee time for regular golf, but you can just show up at the mini golf courses to play there.

5.) Rent bikes or a boat: There are several places where you can rent different sized boats in Disney World, as well as renting regular or surrey bikes. Another great way to get your energy out after a long day of travel!


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