While we would all like to think that nothing bad could ever happen to us or our children on vacation to the happiest place on earth, unfortunately that is not the reality of the world we live in. Even in Disney, it is not safe to let your guard down or let your children wander far from you. Some parks and days can be extremely crowded and busy, so try these tips for making sure your kids stay safe while traveling to a Disney Park.


1.) Teach your kids your cell phone number. That way, if they are lost, they can ask an adult to use their phone and locate you in the park.

2.) Child ID safety tattoos are a great way to make sure your kids have your information “on them” at all times. These are temporary tattoos that can help an adult locate you if you were to get separated from your child.

3.) Talk to them about where to go if they get separated from you. Discuss what security officers and cast members may be wearing (name tags, working in stores or restaurants or at rides, etc.). Also talk to them about how it’s serious and that they can’t “hide” from you in a store, in a busy crowd, or the like because it’s funny.

4.) Take a photo of your kids every morning before you leave the hotel so you can show people what your child was wearing, what color their hair is, and how old they are. Visuals always help, and in a panic you may not be able to remember what your child was wearing that day.

5.) Hold their hand when walking through crowds and stores, or make them hold onto the side of the stroller as you walk so that they are less likely to get separated from you.

6.) In each park, know where guest services and security can be found ahead of time so you will know right where to go when you need help and won’t waste precious minutes looking at a map trying to figure out who to alert and where they can be found.


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