As I sit here and think about the upcoming year for the Walt Disney Company I first have to think about the past. Over the past two years, Disney has opened two mega-cruise ships, the biggest expansion in the Magic Kingdom history, an incredible Hawaiian resort, a New Animation Hotel with family suites and even Carsland in California Adventure. All of these things are incredible and many are asking how in the world Disney can live up to what they have done over the past couple years? 2013 is not for Disney to live up to its past but for everyone to enjoy what has just been done. No other company in the world has done what Disney has in the past few years. They have spent billions of dollars for their guests to have many new experiences. So in 2013 guests have to ability to dine in Belle and the Beast’s Castle, race cars in Radiator Springs, ride a water coaster in the middle of the Caribbean and even have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie in the middle of Hawaii! All of these experiences are new and absolutely incredible done the way only Disney can do something.


Disney Fantasy Inaugural



Disney is not just going to take 2013 off however we have many things to look forward too. “Limited Time Magic” will provide guests with a once in a lifetime experience each week of 2013! Each week in Disneyland and Walt Disney World guests will be able to experience different events from a week of Love in February to a Patriotic week in July all the way to a special character week where you will see characters that are not often out throughout the parks! Stay tuned to find out what will be going on the weeks that you are in the parks! In 2013 Disney will also be featuring the “Year of the Ear” each month Disney will create more hats with Mickey Ears on them! This is also the first year that Star Wars weekends are going to be in Hollywood Studios when the Disney company owns Lucas films. This should lead to some new exciting events!


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

2013 is an exciting year for Disney a major refurbishment to California Grill, a rumored new Restaurant in Epcot and so many more things.  I truly cannot wait to see what Disney brings into 2013!

Chuck Blades
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