It’s no secret that things at the Disney Parks are going to look a little different for a while. Recently, Disney announced that with the reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort comes changes like temporarily suspending character experiences and fireworks, as well as shortened park hours. Does this mean the magic is gone? We don’t think so, and here’s why… 


It’s hard for us adults to wrap our minds around (and sometimes justify) taking our kiddos to Disney for the first time anytime soon due to all of these changes. We, the adults, have put time and effort into planning every detail. We know that there won’t be any characters to hug, or fireworks to watch – we know what is typically offered and what to expect from a magical Disney World vacation. We have expectations. 


But our little ones who have never been to Disney World don’t know what they are “missing”. They will still see the magic of the huge castle that Cinderella most definitely lives in; they will still see the magic of seeing Mickey wave at them. And heck, we all know they’re going to just love hanging out at the resort pool.


If you’re on the fence about still making this your little one’s first trip – please don’t be quick to make the gut reaction of canceling.

Reduced capacity means smaller overall crowds to navigate with your stroller. 

Earlier park closings means earlier nights and maintaining your little ones normal bedtime routine. 

A slower pace. A more relaxed atmosphere. An excuse to commit to more resort time without feeling guilty about not being in the parks 24/7. Less structure and reservations to be bound too. A different kind of magic. Just like Disney used to be before the days of ADRs and FastPasses. 


Of course, Disney will eventually return to the hustle and bustle of planning and schedules and everything we’ve come to know the last few years. But for now… we can relish in the fact that we have a chance to do Disney in a more relaxed and slow paced nature, perfect for those with little ones. Perfect for those with big kids. Perfect for those with no kids, even. 


Welcome home, friends and see you real soon.