Here at Travel with the Magic we miss the Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise Line, and Universal Studios as much as you do! Our job is to help you make magical memories with your families and we haven’t been able to do that recently. That doesn’t mean we aren’t still thinking about all of you and ways we can still make life magical. We want to share with you some of the fantastic things that our travel planners have been up to during our time at home that you could try with your own friends and family.

As local restaurants, movie theaters and other gathering places have closed, we have all become more creative about entertaining our families and finding ways to disconnect from work at home. In this first blog, we’re taking a trip to “Mumma’s Movie Theater” with Tracy Hilker!

Can’t go out to the movies? No problem! You can make your own theater at home with lots of extra fun. Convert your living room into the theater or, now that summer is on it’s way, invest in an outdoor inflatable screen and projector. Once a week or even every other week, choose a movie and or even a couple of movies with a theme for the night.

Tracy has come up with a special, silly voice for “Mumma” the proprietor of this theater. She wears a different hat for each night that she’s open for business. Don’t be afraid to really make this an over the top experience!

Patrons must exchange “money” for their tickets, popcorn and candy. You can purchase tickets and pretend money or you can get creative with your home printer. Check Pinterest for lots of free downloads, design your own with a free account from a graphic design platform like Canva, or grab the construction paper and let your kids unleash their artistic talents.

You can keep it simple with your favorite movie snacks or go all out with a themed “dinner theater.” One of Tracy’s suggestions is the movie Life of Pi. Her menu included chicken pot pie, chocolate cream pie, and five fruit pie.

Big fans of a particular franchise like Star Wars or Harry Potter? How about Toy Story? These will provide weeks worth of entertainment. Pull out any costume items or parks memorabilia (like sippers and popcorn buckets) that you might have tucked away.

No matter what you choose, you’ll have a great time and make precious memories with your loved ones. We’d love to see and share your version of “Mumma’s Movie Theater.”

Leave us a comment or send us a picture at and and you may be featured an upcoming blog sharing more great ideas from all of you!