When I planned our trip to Art of Animation little did I know it would make a lifelong impression with memories that will carry on at least a generation.  I kept it a secret from my boys until we pulled into the resort……the surprise on their face was priceless.

As soon as you arrive you are greeted with ‘”Welcome Home”, if you are anything like me you will start planning your next trip right then, the Cast is so accommodating. I am sure that Walt Disney would be pleasantly pleased. This experience is unlike any I have had at a Disney resort. The check in process is simple and easy, you are brought to a pod instead of a counter, we were checked in within 10 minutes and on our way down Route 66…..

As we followed the street (Yes it’s a street not a sidewalk) we were greeted by every character you can think of from the movie “Cars”.  The buildings and the landscaping will have you feeling like you are a car right inside the movie. When you enter your room you will use your key to the world but all you have to do is tap your card on the door and then you can enter. The rooms are unlike any at the other value resorts, they are inside buildings instead of the typical outside entrances. The building décor is the same Disney standard as the outside décor top notch to say the least. You cannot enter the buildings unless you have your room key, a nice safety feature.

As you entire the Car suites you will not be disappointed, the rooms are spacious, they do leave a little to be desired in the storage area but if you use the dressers you can hide your luggage in the master bedroom.  You will immediately be taken into the set of the movie and it will not take long before you will think you are a real friend of McQueen. The couch, chair, tables and furniture are amazing. The light fixtures as well as the wall art are adorable. The lights are all cones and the artwork features all of your favorites from the movie.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 – Animation Hall!!

Amy Blades