Blue Springs state park is located in Orange City Florida and covers over 2,600 acres. Blue Springs is an

hour north of Disney World. Blue Springs is the largest spring on the St. Johns River. Blue Springs is a

designated manatee refuge. West Indian Manatees make Blue springs their winter home typically

between November to mid-March each year. The spring is closed to swimmers during these months.

The spring is a cool 72 degrees year round with crystal clear water. The spring is popular destination for

snorkeling, cave diving, swimming, canoeing, and boating. River boat tours are also available. The park

has picnic tables, hiking trails, biking trails, playground, gift shop, and the Thursby house. The Thursby

house was built by a colonial settler, Louis Thursby in 1872. The house still stands today and visitors

may tour the house.

Blue springs

thursby house

Blue Springs has a fully equipped campgrounds located in the state park. Cabins may also be reserved.

My family and I stayed in the campgrounds in our RV. Our campsite was equipped with a picnic table,

grill, fire pit, water, and electric. We were within walking distance of the spring.

We enjoyed all the outdoor recreation at Blue Springs. We did a lot of hiking and bike riding. The park is

very scenic with lush Cypress trees that hammock down. The views of the wild life is amazing on the

hiking trails. We saw manatees up and down the spring. We spotted a very large alligator sunning

himself along the spring bank. We also spotted several white egrets and white herons throughout the

park. We saw something new every time we walked the trails.

hiking trail

spring cave

We did snorkel in the spring during our stay. This was a new experience for us. We love to snorkel in

the ocean, but this was our first time snorkeling in a spring. The water was crystal clear. At the end of

the spring is a cave. It was really neat to watch the cave divers. We loved Blue Springs and it was such a

fun experience for my family! Contact me and let me help you plan

your vacation.