SeaWorld is a great addition to your Orlando-area vacation!  This park has a lot to offer whether you are there to learn more about animals, see shows, or experience some amazing thrill rides.  Our girls love marine life and both dream of being marine biologist.  We decided to take a weekend getaway to Orlando over Father’s Day weekend to celebrate our eldest’s 9th birthday!


There are several add-on options when booking your visit to SeaWorld.  I wanted to try the all-day dining.  For around $130 TOTAL, we were able to keep our family of four well fed for the entire day – this was definitely a wise financial decision.  Keep in mind, purchasing early offers better pricing than purchasing at the park.

How It Works

With the all-day dining deal, you are able to get an entrée, side or dessert, and a drink once every hour. You can get bottled water whenever you wish.  If you do not want a full meal, you can grab a side, dessert, drink, or just the entrée.  There is total flexibility. You will be given a band.  Each time you purchase a drink or a meal, you band will be scanned.  If your band is scanned at 3:01 pm with a meal, you can eat again at 4:01 pm!



I tried to keep track of how much each meal cost.  I know we had at least 20 bottles of Dasani water ($3.49 plus tax) throughout the day.  Our last meal of the day came out to be about $69 – and we didn’t even get everything that was included in the all-day dining deal!  If I had to guess what our meals cost if we paid at the park rather than pre-purchasing the dining plan, I would say we would have been is the $250 ballpark, possibly over.


How much did we eat?

It was a really hot day and we were able to stay hydrated.  We limited ourselves to soda only at meals, sometimes we didn’t grab a soda because we had water.  We did not eat breakfast at the park.  I had a hard time finding information about breakfast.  A Continental Breakfast is offered at Seafire Grill from 9:00 – 11:00 am.  The shows don’t start until 11:00 am.  We did a few rides but could have easily fit breakfast in and still had plenty of time to do everything we wanted.  If you have Quick Queue or Quick Queue Unlimited, you can definitely ride everything and see all of the shows.  For lunch, we each had an entrée, side or dessert, and drink.  There was a massive storm that popped so we decided to grab a snack and wait out the thunder, lightning, and heavy rain.  Some of us just purchased fruit and drink. I got a salad, dessert for my kid, and a drink.  Just the salad, drink, fruit, and dessert came out to roughly $32!  As previously mentioned, our dinner was roughly $69 and we did not select everything we were entitled to with the dining deal.  We did not feel like we had to eat every hour in order to get our money’s worth.


If you are already planning an Orlando-area vacation, I highly recommend adding a day and visiting SeaWorld.  It was a pretty laid-back day.  We will be purchasing the dining plan again, it just makes financial sense!  If you would like to eat at one of the “experience restaurants” like Sharks or Dine with Shamu, you can receive a nice discount.  These are not included in the all-day dining deal but offer a nice sit-down restaurant option.  Sharks offers a full menu while Dine with Shamu is a buffet.


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