Why, now more than ever, you should take your preschooler to Disney!

Often times, I am told “I would love to go to Disney, it would just be too hard with our 2-year-old.”  Or “we want to go when they will remember it.”  I get it – I do.  When our oldest, Elizabeth, was 2, we thought about Disney but decided on a Disney Cruise instead.  There were of plethora of reasons why we chose a cruise over the most magical place of Earth.  Our girls are four years apart.  When we seriously started discussing our first family trip to Disney, they were 6 and 2.  We wanted our 2-year-old, Emalee, to remember it but we wanted it to be magical for our 6-year-old.  We pulled the trigger.  It was the best decision we’ve ever made.  Here are my top reasons why you should take your child when they are younger.

  • They remember more than you think. Our first family trip was March 2017.  We found ourselves back for Labor Day weekend in September 2017.  Emalee was asking about different rides, characters, and recalling so much from our first trip!  We were shocked.  I never imagined she would remember as much as she did.

  • Kids under 3 are free! That’s right!  They do not require a ticket for entry and do not require the purchase of a dining plan.  Disney portions are large enough to share at table service and quick service restaurants. As an added bonus, Disney does not distinguish between adult and children quick service dining credits.  This made it very easy to split a quick service meal between the kids.  At buffets, Emalee was able to get a free plate.

  • There is nothing more magical than seeing Disney through the eyes of your child. I remember the first time both of my girls saw Cinderella’s Castle.  That is a moment I will never forget.  It is a moment I wish I had with Elizabeth.  There is something so magical about a tiny child just taking it all in for the first time.  There is no smile better than when they experience it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight, Prince Charming Carousel, or other classics for the first time.

  • MemoryMaker…is so worth it! I think part of Emalee’s recollection was because we had so many photos from every part of our trip.  When she saw pictures from rides she could not go on, she asked questions and cannot wait for her turn.  Well, with one exception…Tower of Terror.  Can you blame her though?  Plus, the Magic Shots are so much fun.  The girls are always so excited to see what magic has been added!

  • Each Park offers something for preschoolers! Magic Kingdom is an obvious one since this park has the most rides available for tiny ones.  Animal Kingdom is another great option with Kilimanjaro Safaris, Triceratop Spin, Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo the Musical and Up! A Great Bird Adventure.  It also offers many animal exhibits.  Epcot offers so many great character meet and greets, a Finding Nemo ride, and TurtleTalk with Crush!  This is also a great Park to get them interested in other countries throughout the World Showcase.  Hollywood Studios is home to Toy Story Land, Disney Jr Dance Party and characters, shows, and the new Lightning McQueen Racing Academy!  Your Travel With The Magic agent can help you develop a plan that fits your preschooler’s needs and your family’s desires.

  • Character dining experiences are great! Whether you are looking for princesses, Mickey and Friends, Disney Jr characters, or others, there is a character meal for you!  Many character meals are buffets – remember kids under 3 eat free at buffets on a Disney Dining Plan.

  • Multi-generational trips are so much fun! Remember seeing your child’s reaction all of those years ago?  I have planned several multi-generational trips this year and each grandparent comes back saying “seeing my child at Disney the first time was great.  Seeing my child see Disney as a parent for the first time and my grandkids seeing it for the first time is indescribable!

  • I can help you arrange everything you need for your child to make travel as easy as possible! If you are flying, I can help you arrange for a stroller to be delivered to your Resort before your arrival and picked up after your departure!  Need baby items like diapers, wipes, and more?  No problem!  I have a list of delivery services for your Resort.  Disney also offers bed rails and cribs.

  • These are the memories that you keep for their senior pages, weddings, and more. Trips with younger children make some of the best memories for a parent.  On our first Disney Cruise, Elizabeth melted hearts on the entire boat.  Princess Aurora sat down on the floor to make it easier to talk to her.  Elizabeth sat down beside her and laid her head in her lap.  People would come up to us and ask if she was “the Aurora girl.”  At Walt Disney, Emalee couldn’t believe she was meeting Cinderella.  We have this incredible picture of Emalee looking up at Cinderella, you can only see her profile, but you can just see the magic and amazement in her face.  These are the moments that I will remember.  These are the moments that hit me each and every time we enter the Parks.  When they are older, these will be the memories I see when I take them and hopefully, my future grandchildren.

Don’t wait to make memories!  Now more than ever is the best time to start planning your little one’s first trip to Disney!  My planning services are complimentary and cover every aspect of your vacation.