2010 September, 22

SavingEveryday.net Disney Gift Card Giveaway

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Saving Everyday is a great blog with tips about how to save and where to save. I found this blog when I was doing the #31DBBB Challenge with the SITSgirls. I really like this blog and I like to coupon so it works for me with what I already do. Anyway they are doing a $50.00 Disney Gift card giveaway so I wanted to let people know about it and how they can get a chance to win. Here is a link to the site: http://www.savingeveryday.net/ Here is a link to the Giveaway: http://www.savingeveryday.net/2010/09/giveaway-50-disney-gift-card-ends-926/ Here is how you enter to [...]

2010 September, 7

Back to School Blog

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I’m so glad that everyone will be able to make new connections, grow networks, win some awesome prizes, and promote your business or blog, during the Back-to-School Blog Tour! Add your Part Post to the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post! And don’t forget to share the love and make comments on all your favorite new blogs! *The party will run September 6th-10th. You can still be a part of the Tour even if you didn’t register! Unlike the Summer Blog Tour, we will be accepting all blogs with no cap this time! Of course, no objective, pornographic, [...]

2010 August, 18

Day 30 #31DBBB: 17 Statistics To Monitor On Your Blog

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1) Did you track your statistics this month? What did you see? I was using a chart from the forums and I have been filling it out every week and posting on that thread about tracking your stats. It has been VERY helpful to see what people come to look at and how long they stay. 2) Which statistics do you feel tell you the most about your blog or readers? The number of repeaters.

2010 August, 14

Day 27 #31DBBB: Hunt For Dead Links

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Day 27 is to check for Dead Links and this is what we are using http://w-shadow.com/blog/2007/08/05/broken-link-checker-for-wordpress/ 1. If you've used a dead link finder on your blog before, what were the results? What tool did you use to do this? Did you find it useful? I have not ever used something like this before and I do not usually add plug in to my blog so it made me nervous and I did not add it. Since my blog is really just a page on my site and I did not want to mess up my site. So I used [...]

2010 August, 12

Day 25 #31DBBB Ask a Question

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Have you written a question post in the past? How was the response? I have never written a question post in the past. Have you seen a question post on another blog that got you involved or drew your interest? What about the post got you interested? Yes but I did not end up posting because it was something I really did not agree with and I didn't want to be mean. I think I will post a question today on the blog and see if I get any responses.

2010 August, 12

Day 24 #31DBBB: How to Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog

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Did this exercise inspire you to try anything new with your own blog? I went thru a travel agent magazine and looked at articles, they layout, colors used in ads, pics, frames and articles. I love reading this magazine and I get some really good ideas and tips about cruising and selling cruises from it. It doesn't focus on just Disney but they do have info about Disney from time to time. I think that best practices about selling, organizing and other things can translate to what I do so I just take it and make it What magazine did [...]

2010 August, 10

Day 23 # 31DBBB Call Your Readers To Action

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Have you written a post in the past that has encouraged readers to do something other than just comment on your blog? Sure. I don't post as much as I want to but lots of the posts are but the latest Disney deals and how we offer services ;) We have quote and contact forms attached to many of the posts as well. I try to make it as easy as possible for people to contact us if they have any questions. I try and post topics with pictures and links to sites that will help someone with there planning. [...]

2010 August, 10

Day 22 #31DBBB Pay Special Attention To A Reader

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Share a link to a post where you paid special attention to a reader. Show us how you did it! I will post on someones blog as a way of saying thank you for posting on mine or if I really like what the topic have written about. If the person has left there email I will usually email them and say thank you for the support or hey I really liked your blog and why. I do not leave negative comments. How do you think Paying special attention to a reader will help you become a better blogger? Being [...]

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