Cape May Breakfast buffet is located at Disney’s Beach Club resort. It has a fun, sunny atmosphere and is easy to get to right off the lobby. The restaurant is surrounded by colorful beach umbrellas, and you may even see some sandcastles. The food is delicious with a super fun waffle station with toppings, omelets, fruit, and the best cheese grits I’ve had on property. However, the stars of the show are the characters you will get to see at your table while dining.

cape may cafe

When we visited recently, we were told by our server who we would see, and even the patch the would take to get to our table so we knew when to go grab food because they were far away, or when to stay put because we were going to be one of the next tables.

At our meal, we saw Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. They were dressed in their adorable beach gear which was a fun change from their normal clothing.

Minnie came first, and spent time taking photos with my daughter as well as all of us together.


Next came Donald, I think Emma Kate loved him because he’s easy to hug!


Lastly we saw Goofy, who my daughter had been saying she wanted to see. He even came back a second time to see us because the restaurant wasn’t crowded.


Something to keep in mind is that the characters are ONLY available at the breakfast buffet, and will not be at dinner. You can do what we did and use that as our EPCOT day. We parked at the Beach Club, went to breakfast, then walked over to EPCOT via the International Gateway. It was way less crowded and I love the peaceful walk over.

Beach club

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