Day 15

Today we are supposed to find a blog buddy in our niche. For me that is Amy at Growing Up Disney. We have been chatting and helping each other out with re-tweets and Facebook and “likes”. Amy writes a great blog with her family and she posts wonderful pictures about Disney and her vacations there. I really like reading her blog!

1) Have you ever collaborated or worked with another blogger to mutually grow or improve your blog?

Not really I just started working with Amy and have tried to spend some time reading Disney Dean Disney blog older posts and a few other Disney blogs that Amy told me about. I really love reading others opinions on Disney and what they think the mouse will do next. Another good blog well its not a blog I guess but site to check out is Jim Hill Media, he always has great articles and information.

2) How have you reached out to other bloggers in your niche? What has worked best for you to make connections with other bloggers?

I reach out by reading there blogs and then contacting them and leaving comments. I will also chat with them on Twitter and Facebook pages if I know they have them. I think that if I really like someones blog and get something from it the least I can do is leave a comment and say hey I really liked this.
I dont leave negative feedback, if I dont agree or dont like it then that is my issue.