Here’s a great new offering for families assigned to second dining! The Dine and Play program allows children to get their meals quicker and adults to check-in a child for Youth Activities without leaving the dining room.

Knowing about this new option may help you overcome objections or save a sale when main dining is no longer available.

Dine and Play

  • Available on both the Disney Magic® and Disney Wonder® Cruise Ship.
  • Offered during second dining in any of the main dining rooms – Animator’s Palate, Lumieres, Tritons and Parrot Cay.
  • Open to children ages 3-12.

Here’s how it works: You arrive in the dining room and inform the server that their child would like to participate in Dine and Play. The dining room team brings the child’s meal first while serving the adults at a more leisurely pace.

About 45 minutes after seating begins, Youth Activities Counselors arrive in the dining room and sign in the child to their respective groups in Disney’s Oceaneer Club or Disney’s Oceaneer Lab, eliminating the need for your Client to escort the child to Deck 5.

Adults are then able to enjoy the full dining experience with the knowledge that their child is having a great time in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.