Disneyland Park

Well, my little one has been fighting some sort of illness for a few days now, and we had a bad night. So my older guys went with Gina and her crew to enjoy Disneyland Park at opening time, to knock out lots of rides as quickly as possible, and Amber & I joined them later in the morning. I’m a big proponent of arriving early at any of the Disney parks whenever possible. If you can get there when the park opens, you’ll be able to see and do so many things in the first two hours!

Disneyland Park

Amber and I arrived around 10:00am, picked up today’s stroller (If you need one for multiple days, pay for them all when you pick up the stroller on your first day. On subsequent days, you’ll be able to skip the cashier line and go straight to the “Pick Up” line!) and headed down Main Street USA. I love the smells and the music in this area so much! We had to stop for a quick selfie with the castle.

Castle Selfie

We rode several rides including Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, and Tarzan’s Tree House, then had lunch at Blue Bayou Restaurant, and saw a man propose to his girlfriend at a caricature stand. It was really sweet. I don’t know how he set it all up, but the caricature drawing was the two of them with a big ring and the caption “Will you marry me?” Well done, mister. It brought back memories of my own Disney World proposal.

After lunch, we did several rides in Fantasyland, like Pinocchio’s Daring Journey,

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-Through, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and it’s a small world.

it's a small world

By then, my little one was worn out again, and honestly my big ones were worn out too. So we went back to the hotel to rest before dinner. We went back to the park for dinner, and hoped to do more after that, but everyone was just so tired that we called it a night. After which, I drove to CVS to get an assortment of medicine for my little girl. (There’s a CVS very close to Disneyland, and Guest Services gave me a little card with directions to get there!)

What a day! It was time for everyone to try and get some sleep! Fingers crossed that the new medicines will make a difference!

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