Pin trading! What the heck is pin trading? I get this question a TON from my Disney first timers. This blog will give you the run down on pin trading and how to start your pin trading experience at Disney World.


DEFINITION: pin trading (verb)

1. to trade Disney themed “pins” with Disney cast members

Before you start trading, one must purchase a lanyard and pins. Disney makes this very easy for you by selling pin trading “starter sets” at most stores in Disney World and Downtown Disney. You can even find starter sets at select Disney Stores and One caveat to take in consideration when choosing your starter set is to make sure you are not so in love with the starter set pins that you will have a hard time letting them go when you trade. I ran into this situation when I purchased a pin starter set that depicted some of the fabulous five as “nerds.” Needless to say I HAD to purchase another set that I was not emotionally vested in. (Don’t judge me please.)

Choosing your starter set is probably the hardest part of pin trading. Now that you have the equipment, it is time to play the game! All you have to do is sport your gear and find cast members who also have lanyards. Many times, if a cast member sees that you have a lanyard they will hold theirs out so you can get a better view. If one catches your fancy let them know and give them one of yours in return. Don’t forget to be polite and say thank you even if you decide none of their swag peaks your fancy!

Why would I want to pin trade? It is fun! What an awesome way to take a break from waiting in lines. You can find lanyard-wearing cast members everywhere in the parks just waiting to trade with you! When we pin traded for the very first time, my daughter was bashful at first, BUT as the week went on she became a pin trading ninja, seeking out cast members to trade with on her own without us saying a word to her.

Check in next month to learn some tips on pin trading etiquette!

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