Do you need Ears of Steel?  Ladies, have you ever found yourself in this predicament – you want to take the family to Walt Disney World, but that guy you married doesn’t want to go? He says things like “it’s just for kids” or “there’s nothing for me to do there.”

Take heart! All is not lost. I’ve written the perfect travel book with you and your brood in mind!


Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World will be hitting the shelves of fine book sellers everywhere, but as a follower & client of Travel with the Magic, you can get one right now!

As an adult male Disney fan, too many times have I listened to similar, ridiculous comments from my fellow man. I’ve tried to educate them one-on-one, but realized something bigger had to be done. Someone had to get the word out that there are a millions things (give or take) for guys to do and love at Walt Disney World. The current crop of travel books just weren’t doing it. As a “real man” I had to take the horns by the bull and write it myself.

Fortunately, it’s funny and fast-paced enough to keep not only the Disney-downer in your house, but even the hardcore fan entertained the entire time. Ears of Steel is for ladies as well as the men. Everyone will get something out of it – guys will laugh at the funny stories, ladies will just laugh at us guys. I’m okay with that.


If you’re struggling to convince the man in your life that Walt Disney World is the place for all of you, just go to and get this book. As a bonus, if you enter the promo code: MANLY & select Media Mail shipping, we’ll not only give you 40% off the retail price, we’ll ship it to you at no additional charge! That’s cheaper than a turkey leg or a LaFou’s Brew! Drop the book in front of his sloping brow. He’ll be putting on the proper headgear in no time at all! You just pack your sunscreen and comfortable shoes and call up Travel with the Magic! I’ll take care of the rest.