Are you like me and have always wanted your very own personal Astromech Droid Unit?  Well now you can have one!  Just drop in at the Droid Depot!

First, find a shop clerk, register your choice of the BB-series unit or R-series and prepay for the droid. Once you receive your blueprints and parts basket, you are ready to choose your parts!  The blueprints are easy to read and you will only need a set of 4 parts.  A conveyor belt of droid pieces offers you a wide variety of color options for your own custom-built droid – just pick and choose what you want!  It can be overwhelming, just take your time and your perfect droid will come together!


Here are the parts needed for each of the droid types:



Dome Connection Plate

Body Sphere





Center Leg

Pair of Side Legs

Once you have all of your parts, you’ll proceed to the building stations to complete your droid!

A Cast Member will be there to help you if you have any issues with assembly.  It’s easy to do, and lots of fun for the whole family!

Know before you go:

-Virtual Queue is not currently utilized at Disneyland; however, at WDW, please book your Droid Experience on the My Disney Experience App 180 days before arrival.  Please arrive 15 minutes early, and just be aware that you may have to wait a few minutes past your appointment time while Cast Members clear the building station for more guests.

-Suggested age is 3+

-Cost is $99.99 per astromech droid unit, plus tax and is nonrefundable.  At WDW Only:  If you fail to keep your appointment, you will be charge for the full amount.  You must cancel one (1) day before arrival.

-Carry box and instructions are included in the price.  You can use this box as a carry on to transport your droid home on the plane.  Or, if you prefer, disassemble the box, and carry the droid in your checked bags.

-Various personality-affiliation chips and other accessories are available for an additional charge ranging from $7.99 to $17.99

Please NOTE: 
These droids use Bluetooth technology to communicate with other astromech droid units as well as certain other objects on Batuu and at Disney Parks and Resorts.

Using a remote-control device to operate a droid while at the theme parks is not allowed. If you want your droid to interact while at the parks, please carry the droid around the parks instead of using the remote-control.

Remember – my services are free and include making all your reservations including one at the Droid Depot!