Elizabeth’s 10 Favorite Things on the Disney Wish

We were beyond thankful that @DisneyCruiseLine issued an invite to the Disney Wish Enchanted Showcase sailing. My gratitude exponentially increased when the invite was extended to me and my daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth has previously sailed on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream. This sailing was her fourth cruise.

Straight from Elizabeth, here are her favorite things!

10) Oceaneer’s Club Slide: It was awesome having my area to explore. The slide off the Grand Hall was one of my favorite things. It made me feel like the club was created just for kids. Even though my mom could take the stairs, the slide said, “this area is reserved for kids, no adults allowed.” It is great having a space just for kids since there are also adult-only spaces.

9) Theme: I loved the theme of the ship. It was so beautiful and unlike any of the ships, I have been on. I loved that each deck had a different princess theme in the rooms. I want to stay on every deck so I can learn them all. I think that also makes it really easy to find your way around the ship. I felt like a princess because the ship was a castle on the sea.

8) AquaMouse: This was so much fun! I loved the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream in February 2015 and December 2022. The movie clips they show on the AquaMouse are cool. I like the water splashes and speed of the AquaMouse. If you like the AquaDuck but need something with a little more speed and thrill, you must get on the Disney Wish.

7) Unlimited ice cream: What isn’t to love about unlimited ice cream?! I like that they change flavors each day. My favorite is chocolate and banana. I think that day, I had three ice cream cones. But, it’s okay, I was on vacation!

6) Characters: Even though I couldn’t hug the characters, I loved seeing them on the ship. Sometimes, we would wait for them, and other times, we would see them randomly. It was fun taking pictures together with my mom or taking pictures of her. She made sure I always had pictures of just me and the characters. Donald Duck was my favorite. Miss Kelly bought me a Donald Duck backpack. When Donald saw it, it made him so happy. We both shook our tail feathers!

5) Walt Disney Imagineering Lab: I like STEM projects. I love Disney. Being able to create and pretend to ride my roller coaster was fun. It is cool that kids can learn something on the ship but have fun. They may not even know they are learning. Maybe one day I will be an Imagineer and design something for Disney!

4) The shows: There were two shows on the ship – Seas the Adventure and The Little Mermaid. I liked that Goofy got his own story in Seas the Adventure. Plus, my mom and I sang along to all the songs. The Little Mermaid was so cool. I liked how they added some new things to the story. Ariel and Sebastian were my favorite. I enjoy singing and chorus, so seeing and hearing them perform was fun. I want to see it again!

3) Edge: Since I am 12, I could also visit Edge. When I first saw it, I thought it was an excellent hang-out space. When I went there, there were so many things to do. I made a couple of friends. We had fun exploring the ship, doing a scavenger hunt, and doing the Hero Zone together. It was also fun to relax with a movie or play a video game. It is a great space that is perfect for kids my age.

2) 1923: This was my favorite restaurant on the ship. One day, I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. The chicken tenders and fries at lunch are my favorite. I could eat them every day. These were the best chicken tenders on the ship! The chocolate molten cake at lunch was the chef’s kiss. I love chocolate, and this was the best. I want more!

1) Deck 11: This is where the most fun is. There were so many pools. I think I counted 6 pools. We went there on Castaway Cay Day for a little bit, and I tried every pool. Each time, I had the pool to myself. It was fun getting to swim and watch a movie. This is the most fun pool deck I have had on a Disney Cruise.

I cannot wait to go back on the Disney Wish. I know I will have even more fun. This is the best Disney ship I have ever sailed on! I will still go back on the Fantasy and Dream, but my pick will be the Disney Wish. If you haven’t sailed on the Disney Wish, you need to because it is amazing. I know there will be even more reasons to love the Disney Wish on my next sailing!