Disney Wish dreams up the Perfect Onboard Getaway

After previously sailing on the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Magic, I was beyond ecstatic to receive an invitation to the Enchanted Showcase sailing on the Disney Wish.  Some of my favorite experiences onboard the Disney Dream and Disney Magic have been enjoying and researching the Rainforest Room of Senses Spa.  I knew I had to research the completely reimagined Rainforest Room on the Disney Wish.


For those new to Disney Cruise Line or new to the Rainforest Room, adult guests can purchase a Rainforest Pass for the duration of their sailing.  This allows unlimited visits to the Rainforest Room located in Senses Spa.  It allows gives you access to the showers located in the spa changing area – perfect when you have 3 women in a stateroom trying to get ready for the nightly show and dinner!  The Rainforest Room consists of a sauna, steam room, heated stone loungers, and themed showers featuring different shower heads, water temperatures, and more.  It really is a quiet and relaxing space on board each ship.


The Rainforest Room on the Disney Wish is a dream come true.  They have taken this incredible space and somehow made it even better.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my go-to favorites like the heated stone loungers and themed showers, this Rainforest Room experience was better than I could have imagined.  Here are my favorite updates to this onboard haven I have grown to love.


My absolute favorite update to the Rainforest Room on the Disney Wish is this incredible outdoor space.  It features a sun deck, hot tubs, and plush-covered seating.  I absolutely love the exclusivity of this area.  Rainforest Passes are limited on each sailing.  Our sailing offered 80 passes.  It was unlikely that 80 guests would all be in this area at one time.  It was an oasis. I am a huge fan of the adult-only pool decks when I am looking for relaxation and serenity, but this offered an even more private retreat.


After spending so much time in the sun, one must cool off.  What better place to cool off than a cold room?!  The Frigidarium was the perfect spot to get a quick break from the heat.  It features cooling benches and a large ice reserve.  Within a few minutes, my body felt the reprieve from the heat.  I am a very temperature-sensitive person with fibromyalgia.  Typically, extremely cold temperatures do more harm than good to my body.  This was not the case at all.  The cold air of the Frigidarium was very therapeutic.  It was the first time in years that I could be in a cold climate and not feel like I was being stabbed!  Way to go Imagineers!


Another feature that I loved was in the same area as the heated stone loungers.  Yes, the heated stone loungers are my favorite spot in any Rainforest Room, so I discuss them frequently.  This area offers two bench swings with a river stone floor that trickles water on your feet.  I did not realize that a cool trickle of water could be just as relaxing as full submersion in a pedicure basin.  It was very peaceful and unexpected.


As always, the heated stone loungers, sauna, steam room, and themed showers were everything and more that I have come to expect with Disney Cruise Line Rainforest Room.  This area will always be at the top of my list for any must-do for a cruise, especially if you would like a quiet and relaxing space without a full spa service.  Rainforest Passes are available once onboard your DCL ship.  They are popular so I recommend visiting on your first day, shortly after you embark.  The spa showers are a huge benefit as well so I would highly recommend purchasing a pass for your other adult travelers – on Travel With The Magic team sailings, we have always enjoyed our Rainforest Room time for bonding.


Claire Carroll