Summer visits to Disney are a different animal. Why? Mostly because it’s HOT!

That being said, keep in mind the following components to the perfect SUMMER vacation to a Disney theme park…

  1. Resort. You are going to want to pick a resort with a great pool, preferably one with a slide. My kids love a good slide, which means while they are climbing the stairs, I’m lounging in the shade!
  2. Tickets. If you are going to Disney during the summer, consider adding the water park option to your park tickets! Do consider it. Don’t think about it, just take the plunge. See what I did there?
  3. Schedule. When it’s hot, you are going to want to hit the parks early in the morning, allowing you to leave for a midday break to swim, nap, and just recharge. THEN you can head back to the parks in the evening when the sun sets. If you follow my advice in number two, head to the waterpark for opening, then to the parks for the evening.
  4. Weather. Hot and humid means pop-up storms. Anticipate the possibility that these storms could affect your flights with delays AND your park days with rain. Not a problem! Pack your ponchos and you will be just fine! Also take note of which attractions are indoor and could act as shelter from the rain. 
  5. Breaks. Lastly, summer Disney is not full-throttle Disney. Many a break is needed and MAKE SURE TO STAY HYDRATED!

Thanks for coming to my Disney Talk! It’s time to book your SUMMER vacation in 2023!

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