Volcano Bay is a mysterious Island at Universal with many adventures just waiting for you! Your Key to all the fun is your Tapu Tapu!

What is a Tapu Tapu?

Tapu Tapu is a wearable interactive band much like your fitness band.

Once you scan your ticket at the park entrance, you will be given your Tapu Tapu.


TIP: Be sure and ask for the Rubber Band, because playing in the water and sliding down slides may cause the band to come loose! If you lose your Rubber Band, just head over to the Concierge Hut for assistance!


Where do I use Tapu Tapu?

You can use Tapu Tapu anywhere you see this Symbol.


You can use it to access your locker, schedule rides, take photo ops, and unlock fun!

When your Tapu Tapu has been accepted, the symbol will change colors.


How do I Schedule Rides?

At the entrance to the rides, a totem will be standing with current wait times and one or more Tapu Tapu Stations.


Just touch your Tapu Tapu to the Symbol, and your return time will be posted.


Now, go play in the wave pool, build sand castles or enjoy the lazy river!

Your Tapu Tapu will vibrate when it’s 15 minutes to your ride time, giving you plenty of time to get there.

If there is a ride delay, your Tapu Tapu will also let you know.


How do I take Pictures?

Throughout the park there are unique photo opportunities. A photo totem will be standing there waiting for you!


Just swipe your Tapu Tapu on the Symbol, stand on the other side of the Totem and a flashing light will count down to your snapshot!

Once you are done, the message screen on the totum will ask for your email address, and then you can head on over to a photography kiosk to view and purchase your pictures!


How do I make Magic?

As you explore Volcano Bay, you will find the Tapu Tapu Symbol in surprising locations! A picture above the symbol will give you an idea of what is available at this stop. Just touch your Tapu Tapu to the Symbol and wait for the magic!


(Just keep in mind that if you squirt on someone, Tapu Tapu will find a way to have someone squirt on you! It happened to me!)

Would you like to add paying privileges to your Tapu Tapu?

You can easily add a credit card using these steps:


Ready to head home?

Just drop your Tapu Tapu in the receptacle on your way out!


Volcano Bay is so much fun and an enjoyable addition to the Universal Parks. Let me create a Universal Vacation for you and your family!