Volcano Bay is an amazing water park – in fact it is probably the best water park! You can spend an entire day enjoying this attraction, and here is how to get the most out of your stay!

  1. Book Seating


Chairs and umbrellas are first come-first served in the beach areas of the park. Your best bet is to reserve Premium Seating or Cabanas. Premium Seating comes with 2 padded loungers, a locker, cover and a personal server all day! Prices start at $29.99 but are higher during peak times. I paid $69.99 for Premium Seating in June.

Cabanas are great for families who need time out of the sun, with the large Cabanas accommodating 16 people! Cabanas also come with lockers and a personal server! Added bonus: mini fridge! Prices start at $159.99 and are also higher during peak times.


You will need to book these at least two months prior to arrival.

  1. Rent Lockers

If you didn’t book seating, you need to rent lockers. Lockers are $8, $12 and $15 dollars: small, medium, large, respectively. You will be gone from your spot on the sand for long periods of time… you just get swept away by the Island’s mysteries. So, you need to protect your valuables. A small locker is good for shoes and wallets and a large one for backpacks.

  1. Be Free with Tapu Tapu


Tapu Tapu is your free interactive, wearable bracelet, much like a fitness bracelet. You will be given a Tapu Tapu when you scan your tickets at entry.

Use your Tapu Tapu to schedule your rides, take pictures, create magic and pay for everything!

  1. Be Informed

Each attraction has ride cautions provided at the entrance before you register your Tapu Tapu.


There are pros and cons for each ride. Some rides are enclosed tubes, others are on floats. Some rides are rapid and offer high thrills, and some are traditional water park slides. Be sure and know before you climb to the top!

  1. Come and Go

You can come and go from the park using your park ticket. So don’t lose it! And don’t leave it in your pocket like I did: I almost panicked when I realized it was soaking wet!


Being able to leave is great if you need to go back to the room for any reason.

TIPS: remove everything from your locker when you leave because you will be issued a new Tapu Tapu when you come back. Your new Tapu Tapu will not open your old locker.

  1. Eat, Drink, and Relax


The restaurants and kiosks offer a wide range of food, from burgers to chicken to pizzas to hot dogs and snacks from ice cream to fruit to dippin’ dots to pineapple upside down cake! And if you have premium seating or cabanas, you never have to leave – the food will come to you!

And don’t forget your refillable mug! You can bring it back each time you visit Volcano Bay!


Bring a book and relax, it feels like a day at the beach! There is plenty of sand to build castles and play! If you need something, there are several stores and kiosks to find what you need.

  1. Catch a Bus to Volcano Bay


Buses are available to and from the Resorts and Citiwalk.

(Walking paths will be open very soon for Resort Access.)

TIP: Security requires all bags to be searched when you arrived and everyone goes through a metal detector.


  1. Bring the Whole Family


There are attractions for the whole family! With rides for children only, large beaches, the wave pool, the lazy river and thrilling body slides, you can find something for everyone in your tribe to enjoy!

  1. Bring Your Own Towels

Big Reminder: Towels are not provided! You can rent at the Concierge Hut or buy in on the site shops.

If you are staying at a Resort, just bring along some towels from the room and save Money!

  1. Wash Off!

As you leave the park, don’t forget to stop at the Volcano Bay Sign. The water fountains are a great place to wash the remaining sand from your shoes, legs and feet!


Volcano Bay is Universal’s Third Park and can easily be part of your Universal Vacation!