If you’ve ever visited Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights, then you know that Universal is home to some of the most skilled makeup artists around. Now through April 7, 2024, guests visiting Universal Studios Florida can undergo their very own spooky transformation. Guests can choose between 28 different full transformations and 10 different half-transformations. Since I’m a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights, I knew that I had to take advantage of this opportunity. 



I started the process by making a reservation at https://shop.universalorlando.com/shop/monster-makeover for an 11 am appointment on Sunday, February 11th. Reservations are available on the hour and half hour, but space is limited. You can also do a walk-in appointment if they have availability at the Five & Dime Shop. My email confirmation said to arrive 5 minutes before my reservation. Check-in was very easy. I just walked up to the counter at the Five & Dime Shop, told them my name, and they escorted me into the makeup room. My makeup artist was Kayla, and she was absolutely amazing.


Kayla started my appointment by asking if I had any allergies to latex, alcohol, talc, or cotton. After confirming that I did not, she pulled my hair back from my face so I didn’t get makeup-coated hair. We discussed the design that I wanted, which was the half skull, and then the work began. With each new step, she explained what she would be doing, so I was prepared. The airbrushing was a unique experience for sure! I was expecting a chemical smell, but it actually smelled like green apples. It felt like someone was lightly blowing on my skin. I had expected the airbrushing to be a bit more forceful. Kayla was very good at telling me when to make sure my eyes were closed tightly or when she was spraying around my nose and mouth. After the various whites and shading, she started with the detailing. I tried to keep my eyes closed so I was surprised with the full reveal. 


The final product was absolutely mind blowing. Kayla gave my makeup a special setting spray so it wouldn’t melt in the Florida heat. My makeup stayed incredibly well. Despite being out in the park for the rest of the day and even riding on the gator float in the Mardi Gras parade, it was still intact when I went back to my hotel to catch the second half of the Super Bowl.

When I checked out after my makeover, they gave me instructions on how to wash off my makeup. I was a little worried that the makeup would be hard to get off since I was staying one more night in my Universal hotel and hadn’t thought to bring makeup wipes. Thankfully, I was able to get it off with a good scrubbing of soap and water. Kayla did recommend baby oil if there were stubborn areas.

I would recommend this unique experience. I thought the $65 price tag was well worth it, considering the time and skill that it took as well as how well it stayed throughout the day (and Florida heat!). Guests looking for the full-face transformation can expect to pay $125 plus tax. I received so many compliments from Team Members and other guests. I hope they make this a year-round option, as I would love to do it again!

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