Halloween Horror Nights

Face your fears, gather your scream squad and head on over to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights!  This harrowing event is a premiere Halloween bash that you will not want to miss!  And we have put together a Quick Tip Guide to save you from the horrors of not knowing what to do!

Stay and Scream Holding Areas


Halloween Horror Nights

The stay and scream ticket allows you access to the park around 3pm.  This early entry gives you plenty of time to explore the park,  and then allows you access into the Stay and Scream Holding Areas.  You will be allowed to visit one or two of the haunted houses as soon as Halloween Horror Nights starts with very little wait time.  Be in the Holding Area early, so you can access the Haunt you want!

Lines build quick, and waits get long FAST

The good news is, the lines are consistently moving. Long waits are never fun, but they are easier when moving!

The Shows are Really for Adults

If kids DO come with you, I would skip the shows.  The shows are great with lots of cool music, pyro, aerial artists, and illusions, but some material is not for children.  Note that these shows fill up very fast, so arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the next show!

Scare Zones

Scare Zones are short stretches of the park with themed areas for quick scares! Actors roam about and interact with guests. It’s often filled with fog so be aware of your surroundings!

Haunted Houses

The big, showpiece houses attract crowds and the waits quickly inflate to 60+ minutes. Choose your Stay and Scream area wisely, get in line as soon as you can – OR bypass all of the strategy and purchase Express Pass for the event!

Visit the Tribute Store!

Not only is the store full of all the horror souvenirs you can possibly need, but it has great decor, photos ops, and snacks – it’s just all around a great place to check out.

Leave the kiddos at home

This event is definitely not for kids. The recommended age is 13+. Obviously, you know your kid best, but this is a SCARY event with a lot of adult themes.

Beer lines are long

Grab a wristband early in the night so you don’t have to be carded every time you buy a drink, cuts down on a tiny bit of time AND means you don’t have to dig through your bag to find ID.

Ready to Scream?

Halloween Horror Nights tickets and packages are available NOW at both Orlando and Los Angeles locations!

This event runs September 2 – October 31!

If you have more questions, please contact your travel advisor or email us at info@travelwiththemagic.com