Nestled outside of the Haunted Mansion is a creepy little shop, dedicated to all things spooky. This small, Haunted Mansion themed, souvenir shop is called Memento Mori. Memento Mori is home to a lot of cool and creepy items that are all based off your favorite spooky attraction. From home goods to tees, this shop has it all! But there’s one gem in this shop, that is often overlooked – Portraits.

That’s right, you can get your very own, morphing portrait done at Memento Mori. Yes, I said morphing. You know those creepy photos that shift from being a cute photo to downright creepy? Those are the kind of portraits you can get done here at Spirit Photography!

Original Portrait

In the back left corner of the shop, there’s a little area that is covered by a curtain, with usually a Cast Member posted outside. All you have to do is let them know that you’re interested in a portrait and they take you behind the curtains, ready to make some magic happen. They then sit you down on a stool and take your photo. This is a portrait photo, so it will be of just your face. So there’s no need to try to look cute! After they get a photo to their liking, the Cast Member will let you know there will be about a 20 minute wait. And trust me, the 20 minutes is well worth the wait for the magic that they’ll be doing!

Woman Portrait in Memento Mori

After they are finished constructing your portrait, the cast member will direct you towards a panel of the wall. On this panel is a huge portrait of a woman with a crystal ball and a raven. This portrait, like yours, is not what it seems though. It glows and changes! After your portrait is finished, a little hole in the panel will open up and a Cast Member will hand it to you.

Ghost Portrait

Now you’ll be able to check out your very own creepy portrait! One second you will see your normal face, and then when you shift, a spooky face will appear! This is the coolest Disney souvenir I’ve personally ever purchased. Each portrait costs $19.95 and is well worth the price! We loved the portrait of our daughter so much that we decided to get one of the entire family and hang them on our gallery wall. It definitely feels like we took one of those hitchhiking ghosts home with us with these portraits.

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