A lot of people skip over the water parks when they go to Walt Disney world, especially families with young children. Some think there wouldn’t be much for them to do, however, there is SO MUCH for little ones at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, my two year old loves it!

blizzard beach

First of all, there is a whole toddler/preschool play area called Tike’s Peak. It if off to the right after you come in the gates. There are plenty of chairs over there for mom and dad as well, and lots of shade!

Not only do they have a zero entry kiddie pool with spraying fountains and a waterfall for those that can’t swim, but there are TONS of slides! (PS: we brought Emma Kate’s puddle jumper for when we did bigger rides but she didn’t need it in the kids area)

tikes peak

If you head to the very top of Tike’s peak there is a series of three very tiny slides for the littlest mousketeers (I’m talking a 3-5 foot slide here). You can see them in the background of the below photo.

BB slides

There are also 3 side by side body slides that mom and dad came race the kids down as well. This is the only slide in the kiddie area parents can go down. Then there is a body slide flume and an innertube slide flume (get your tube at the bottom, it has no hole so kids won’t fall out the middle!) We literally could have just stayed in this area all day and my toddler would have been happy!

tikes peak slide

However, we did venture out a little bit and did Teamboat Springs, which is the family raft ride. We rode the ski lift up, which is a ride in itself (note: do this first thing in the morning because lines get long!) There is a height requirement for the ski lift.

We also did the lazy river. She was hesitant at first but then didn’t want to get out!

Lazy River

After lunch, we also met Kristoff (only there for summer) and there was NO LINE which was amazing.

kristof BB

We ended up back at Tike’s Peak, and there was even a photopass photographer there taking pictures of the kids in the water. Such a fun little extra! Something to note for those with kids of different ages is that cast members are strict on not letting big kids go down the slide, so that the little ones have their own space to play and not get run over. So you may have to send one parent to another area f the park with the big kids.

There is so much more to see at this park, but Emma Kate was having such a blast with just these few things we didn’t even venture further out. I highly recommend it on a hot day if you want a more laid-back pace and to tire your toddler/preschooler out. Mine took a really great nap that afternoon!

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