If you only have time to visit one attraction at Animal Kingdom, it should be….

Kilimanjaro Safaris!

This ride has something for everyone. It is tame enough for small children to ride, yet thrilling enough to be enjoyed by teens and adults. 

Bird Photo

In addition to being fun, Kilimanjaro Safaris is also informative. I learned (and remembered!) the difference between a reticulated and a Masai giraffe, what a Greater Kudu looks like, and so much more.  The underlying message of the entire Animal Kingdom is the promotion of animal preservation, and seeing the animals up close makes this issue more than an infomercial – it’s right in front of you. There are more than 34 different species prowling, flapping, and swimming along your safari path.  Don’t worry about being eaten by a hungry hippo – the animals are kept at a distance from your transport vehicle by cleverly hidden obstacles. You are never in danger here!


There are some tips you can follow to maximize your experience on the ride. When you enter the safari vehicle, look up. There is an info sheet with labeled photos of the animals that you may see on your adventure. This is a great tool to keep track of all the different animals. 


This is a highly photographable ride. Where else can you get THIS up close and personal with elephants and ostriches? Since the vehicle is open, stick to the edge of the row you are sitting in to have the best vantage point for photos.  Sometimes your driver will stop if an animal is crossing in front of them, or to keep pace with the cars in front of and behind them. Don’t count on stops – you will be moving most of the time! Set those cameras on the best mode to capture movement. 

A message of environmental preservation, entertaining and educating, and the ability to be ridden by everyone in the family: Kilimanjaro Safaris has it all!

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