Many clients contact me and know exactly how many days and nights they want to go to Walt Disney World. However, many clients rely on my expertise to help them make this decision. I’m so glad they do! Deciding how long to stay at Walt Disney World, especially if you’ve never been there, can be a daunting task. Well, I’m here to make it a little easier!

Consider the following factors when making your decision of how long to stay at Walt Disney World:

  1. There are four theme parks at Walt Disney World plus two water parks. If you want to try to visit all four theme parks and really enjoy each of them or if you want to include at least one of the two water parks in your activities, you should plan on 4-5 days at the very least. And that doesn’t include travel days. That would equal 5-6 hotel nights and that can get tough on your budget. The four theme parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The two water parks are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Every one of the parks is unique and has a distinct personality. For instance, if you’re a Star Wars Lover, you don’t want to miss Disney’s Hollywood Studios and if you love international travel, you will want to see the World Showcase at Epcot. Animal Kingdom is now home to Pandora, the World of Avatar. And of course, Magic Kingdom is home to Cinderella’s Castle and all of the classic Disney attractions like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. You can certainly purchase Park Hopper Tickets and cover all four of the theme parks in one or two days, but it won’t give you much time in each park.
  2. You’ll want to consider the age of any children traveling with you. If you are traveling with a two and a four year old, dragging them through all four theme parks in two days sounds like an insurmountable task. It might be better if you have young children to stay at least four days and perhaps visit only one park per day. To visit only one park per day, you would only have to purchase Base Tickets and those are less expensive and better for your budget. If you’re only visiting one park per day, you could take your time and even take an afternoon break every day. You could return to your resort for a nap or a swim in your resort pool. Then you could return to the park for your Advance Dining Reservation, catch the nighttime fireworks or entertainment and call it a day.   If you’re traveling with older children, you might still want to follow this pattern, but you could push through without an afternoon rest time if you’re trying to cover more parks in a shorter amount of time.
  3. Another consideration is the purpose of your trip. Is it your first visit? Or are you just stopping by Walt Disney World before heading out on a Disney Cruise Line sailing out of Port Canaveral? Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary? I definitely recommend a longer stay for a first time visit or a celebration of any kind. However, if you’re a regular visitor at Walt Disney World, you’ve seen most of what is there and can probably hit the newest additions in 2-3 days. And if you’re heading out on a Disney Cruise, a shorter visit of 1-2 days just might be the perfect add on either before or after you sail.
  4. Also, ask yourself “What kind of person am I?” Are you the kind of person who wants to see everything there is to see at ALL the parks or do you just want to hit the highlights? Some people are content to go only to Magic Kingdom during their visit. I’ve had clients who wanted to see only two parks. And I’ve had others who absolutely insisted that they not miss a thing. It really just depends on your personality.
  5. Finally, your budget might determine the length of your stay at Walt Disney World. I usually tell people that Walt Disney World has a resort for every budget. And that’s true. There are three levels of resorts at Walt Disney World- Deluxe, Moderate, and Value. But even if you choose to stay at a Value Resort, it’s possible that you’ll need to limit the number of nights you stay to avoid breaking the bank. Regarding theme park tickets, the average price per day does decrease when you purchase multiple day tickets. If two day tickets are all you can afford, though, then I encourage you to purchase two day Park Hopper Tickets, go and enjoy every moment of those two days!

So, if a trip to Walt Disney World is one of your dreams, contact me today. I can help you choose the right number of days for you, book your trip, and assist with all your planning! You’ll find me at, 1-800-670-4312 x 147, on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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