dinoland sign (2)

Back in the side corner of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there lays a little world that takes you back in time to the days of the dinosaurs – DINOLAND USA! As you enter Dinoland, you will walk under the bridge of a huge brontosaurus skeleton. Once you’ve gone under this beast, you will see the entrance to the Boneyard on your left – you are going to want to turn here and hang out for a while.

boneyard sign

bronto bridge

The Boneyard is an amazing playground full of slides, tunnels, catwalks, splash zones, and of course, a dig site. Kids can run and play in here for hours. There are many places where the parents can sit and relax – with fans!

play structure

trex tunnels1


As your children wonder through the climbing structures, they can cross the brontosaurus bridge and come to the dig site. Here they will find a mammoth buried under the cool, course pea gravel. They can spend hours uncovering and burying the mammoth and themselves. This is also a place where parents can sit under the breeze of fans. The children do need to leave their shoes on while in the dig site. There will also be some pails and shovels for them to use during their exploration. Yes – you will need to shake out their shoes, socks, shorts, and shirts after the adventure!

bronto bridge again

sign and dig

There is even a small pit for the itty, bitty diggers of the future.

itty bitty dig site

If you are looking for a place to sit and relax while your children burn off some extra energy, the Boneyard is a great place to visit. My family has spent many hours in here. This is always a “must do” on our list of things to accomplish during our stay at Walt Disney World. And FYI – if you are enjoying the music they are playing during your visit, you can buy that soundtrack at several of the shops in Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney.

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