Magical Memories – Dinoland USA

dinoland usa sign

One of our favorite areas of Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is Dinoland USA. There is so much to do there! Our 1st stop is always the Boneyard. Robert has so much fun digging for bones in the giant dig site. Then he spends so much time running off his extra energy through the catwalks and tunnels.

boneyard play structure

boneyard sign

After spending some time in the Boneyard, we make our way into Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama. Here the fun continues with rides, characters, snack shops, and carnival games. We have taken many spins on Tricera Top Spin and Primeval Whirl. Tricera Top Spin is a Jurassic version of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride – it is great for all ages. The other ride, Primeval Whirl has a height requirement of 48”. Robert couldn’t wait until he was tall enough to ride. It takes you on a series of dips and spins and whirls – if you are nervous of heights or prone to motion sickness, this is not the ride for you. I can tolerate 1 or 2 wild whirls and then I move on to something else. Robert and my husband love this ride – they can ride it many times over and over again. There is another ride known as Dinosaur. This ride is a little more intense for sensitive riders. It takes you on an adventure on a safari style jeep back in time on the hunt for a specific dinosaur. The ride has periods of darkness and sudden appearances of animatronic dinosaurs. It is a fun adventure, but not necessarily appropriate for all children.

triceratops ride

primeval whirl ride

dinosaur ride

While you are visiting Dino-Rama, don’t forget to bring in some cash for the carnival games. We always have so much fun playing the games and winning some stuffed prizes. There usually aren’t too many people to compete against, so winning that coveted stuffed dinosaur isn’t very difficult.

carnival game 1

carnival game 2

Before you leave, there are several spots to grab a quick bite to eat quick service style or take the opportunity to have a snack. There is also a great gift shop with many prehistoric goodies! You can also have a character meet and greet with Safari Goofy and Pluto! A great way to end this trip to prehistoric times!

restaraunt pic

food menu

group pic with characters

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