The Magic Kingdom is home to many fun attractions, funny shows, and great restaurants. What many people skip as they are busily on their way towards the castle are the wonderful stores lining Main Street. One of my favorite is the Main Street Confectionary.


The amazing smell coming from the shop is the first thing you will notice before even walking in the door.


You will be greeted by beautiful displays of candy and other treats, sometimes portraying new Disney characters, movies or shows. Below you will see a display showing Lion King characters because of the new show, The Lion Guard.


There are also big displays of jelly jeans, popcorn, candy apples, cotton candy, and rice krispy treats.




As you walk to the back of the shop, you can see something pretty amazing. The cast members are busily working on making fresh candy apples and crisped rice treats to put out in the store.



It’s so much fun to stand and watch the magic actually happen, and see the candy and other treats actually being created. It’s like watching an artist paint a picture. Once everything is done, it is put into the large case in the back where you can buy the freshly made creations, and a lot of seasonal items. Like Jack-o-lantern apples at Halloween, or Easter egg cookies in the spring.

Also, if you are on the Disney dining plan, many of the snacks here count as a snack credit.


So next time you are in the Magic Kingdom, before hurrying in or out of the park, take a stroll into the Main Street Confectionery and grab a sweet treat for a snack, or to take back home from you. Not sure where it is? Just follow the sweet sugary smell.


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