Changes to the Disney Dining Plan as of June 2015

In early June, 2015 Disney World made some positive changes to their dining plans and the way the can used. This blog highlights all the changes and selections that are now available.

I fully admit that I am a fan of the dining plan for not only my clients, but myself too! However, there have been some times that I got frustrated with items that weren’t included. I am happy to announce that Disney has listened to their customers and made some great changes that took place in early June 2015. Please keep in mind that at this time these changes are new and especially when trying to exchange items it’s best to ask first to make sure you understand what you are doing and that you are maximizing your plan.

· You may now exchange three items for a quick service meal. This means instead of the normal combo, drink and dessert you can pick any three side items, drinks or desserts to make a meal, but that is the meal you don’t get three items plus a non-alcoholic beverage and dessert. If you do want a drink one of the three items has to be one unless you have a refillable mug at your resort. In our group we had a few selective eaters and this was very popular choice with them because it allowed them a side of fries, grapes and then either a drink or one more item. If it’s allowed (select locations, remember to ask first) this will really be a great choice to utilize during Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival so that you can sample your way around World Showcase!

· There are now more choices that qualify for snacks. I really loved this one!! We always have leftover snacks so before we leave I always wipe them out at either Goofy’s Candy or Main Street Bakery. This trip I raided the bakery and was excited to discover both caramel and candy apples (with and without nuts) plus the specialty Mickey rice krispies are snacks! In addition, basically anything that is considered to be a single serve item or side item is a snack. This means at breakfast you can get a side of bacon or sausage and it is considered a snack or if you get a Mickey pretzel and want a side of cheese it’s now included whereas before you would have had to pay for the cheese. Last but not least the dipped ice cream and sundaes are now included as well. As I said before the cast members where all great guiding me through the new options, so just ask for help if needed.

· Also new is children under 9 may order from the adult menu instead of the children’s for no additional cost or vice versa if you want a child’s instead of an adult’s meal at quick-service locations.

· As I stated before the standard quick service meal you get an entrée, dessert and drink, but now for those that don’t want the dessert you can substitute it for a different side or additional non-alcoholic beverage. At table service locations you can now exchange the dessert for a side salad, fruit plate or a cup of soup.

· Additionally you can now use table service credits as a quick service credits. I don’t suggest doing this unless for some reason someone gets sick and misses a table reservation, but at least you aren’t losing the credit all together.

· Lastly another great change is at table service locations you can now redeem credits on people in your party that don’t have the dining plan. So perhaps you have extra credits and people meeting you for dinner, you can now use the entitlements to pay for everyone with you.

What do you think about these new changes to the dining plan? Have you been considering a vacation to Disney or beyond? Then let’s get started planning, think of me as your personal travel concierge! Don’t want to visit a Disney property, that’s ok I can send you just about anywhere else you want to go! Contact me today via Facebook, Pinterest, email or phone at 1-800-670-4312 Extension 144 to get started planning today or click here to request a quote. As always my services are always FREE, so why not start early!

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Courtney Burnside