Star Wars D-Tech Me Personalized Figurine

Star Wars weekend was an amazing experience which allowed my family to get face to face with all of their favorite characters, see some amazing shows, and get some behind the scenes peaks from some of the most famous faces in the far, far away galaxy. But, as Disney is prone to do, they stepped it up a notch by allowing my husband to become a Star Wars character!

The Star Wars D-Tech Me experience is a chance for you to get a figurine with your face on a variety of Stars Wars characters including a Jedi, a Storm Trooper, frozen in carbonite or even an intergalactic Princess!

The D-Tech Me experience is currently only available during the Star Wars weekends, and the photo shoot requires a reservation. The equipment is located at Darth’s Mall, inside X-Wing Collectibles. There is usually a line to enter the store, but a D-Tech Me appointment will allow you to bypass the line.

Once you check into D-Tech Me, the friendly and energetic staff will guide you through a very simple process. First you select which figurine you want. At the time my husband went, you could select between a Jedi Knight, a carbonite block, a tie fighter pilot, an X-wing pilot, an Alderaan Princess, or, my husband’s choice, a storm trooper (he insists that I point out that they are from the original movies). You also select whether you want the 9” or 16” figurine.

D-Tech Me Options

They then sat him in front of the scanner and took 3D images of his face in a variety of poses, and then allowed him to review the 3D models to choose which he liked best. They offered to take as many pictures as were necessary to make sure he got the look he wanted. The staff commented that they didn’t often get make smiling storm troopers, but they agreed which wasn’t as uncommon as the bearded man’s face they once put on a Princess Leia body.

D-Tech Me In Progress

They do not scan your hair but allow you to select a hairstyle (if applicable to the character) and a hair color. You then enter the shipping information (there is a shipping fee) and verify your information is correct. A quick trip to the register to pay and to be presented with a D-Tech Me pin and you are on your way to drinking blue milk, trading with Jawas, and light saber battles with the Sith.

We were told that the figurine would take 6-8 weeks to deliver, and were given a tracking number which was regularly updated showing when the figurine was completed, shipped, and delivered. 6 weeks later my husband opened a box from Disney and we are sure glad his storm trooper was smiling because it perfectly matched the smile on his face.

D-Tech Me Final

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