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Oatman is one of the few actual “living” Ghost towns in existence still today. This Ghost town is located in Oatman Arizona and still has many of its original buildings and dwellings. Some of these historical buildings include Oatman Post office, Oatman Hotel, and the Oatman Theatre just to name a few. The Oatman Hotel is where the infamous Clark Gable and Carol Lombard stayed after their wedding in Kingman, Arizona. They loved this hotel so much it is said they returned year after year to stay. The Oatman Hotel is also where many have seen and heard whispers from Clark Gable and Carol Lombard ghosts, is it said they just can’t seem to leave this hotel where they hold so many fond memories.

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There are so many interesting articles to read, historic buildings to look at, and fun shops to shop in from home-made jewelry, clothing, artifacts, homemade candy, ice cream and so much more. There is also a live gun show held in the middle of the town daily that you may be lucky enough to watch or be part of. One of the best things about Oatman is the donkeys that roam all over this small town and neighboring areas. You can purchase food to feed the donkeys in most of the stores for only $1.00. Be careful though the donkeys are wild and if they see you holding any kind of bag they will go after it thinking its food.

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Oatman has many areas you can walk through or take small tours such as a mine, the jail for a small fee and the historic Oatman Hotel where you just might see or hear your first ghost. The Oatman Hotel is also where they serve delicious treats from Ice cream to tasty hamburgers. There is also an old-fashion photography studio where you can dress up and take some fun photos. You really will see some random and amazing things through-out this town. Everything from an old wooden coffin, bones, to an old mining cart just to name a few.

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Oatman was additionally known for its Gold mining and there were a few big strikes here, the biggest one being around 14 million. If you look around you can see several old abandoned mines in the hills all around this town. Oatman is also said to be named after a lady who was kidnapped and then later returned by local Indians.

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The natural scenery in and around Oatman is absolutely breathtaking! Everywhere you turn you see amazing mountains, old mining shacks, desert wild life, and many different kinds of desert plants. Oatman is also a great place to go if you have any type of off-road type vehicles there are many trails to ride on.

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Oatman is an amazing place to visit if you love learning and see history, if you are a thrill seeker or ghost hunter, or are simply looking for something fun and different to do or explore! This ghost town is a great place to plan to visit for your next vacation or a definite must stop to see if you are just passing through town. I would love to help you plan your next vacation so feel free to contact me for a free quote! Carrie@travelwiththemagic.com