On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant that I want to share with you. But, please don’t tell TOO many people….this is like one of those local places you love that you want to keep small and not too crowded!


A few months ago we drove down to Walt Disney World for a quick trip and stayed at Old Key West, which is Disney’s first Vacation Club resort. Anyone can stay at a Vacation Club property so we tried one out for the first time. It was perfect for a quick getaway. One thing I love about Old Key West is that it is set up like a small beach town-and each Cast Member is a friendly resident of the town of Conch Flatts. Olivia’s Diner is right in the middle of the action, easy to get to from the parking lot, bus stop, or boat dock (take a boat to/from Downtown Disney!).

A hidden (dining) gem

Olivia’s is easy to get in with or without reservations (though reservations are always encouraged at Disney properties). In fact, we ate there on New Year’s Eve and it was not crowded at all. There was a short wait but honestly, it was about as long a wait as most places in your hometown on a Friday night.

Old Key West Resort

The menu is a nice array of tastes from surf & turf to pasta to burger and salads. We opted for the Shrimp Po Boy and the Duvall Street Burger and we split both. The Shrimp Po Boy was AMAZING. The bread reminded me of the Friendship Bread from Ohana (a hint of sweet pineapple). The Po boy sandwich was served with homemade chips that were obviously made in-house –delicious! The Duvall Street Burger was so unique. It was topped with shrimp, avocado, and pepper jack cheese. The burger was cooked to order, and with all the flavorful toppings, I didn’t need any condiments for my half of the burger. The fries were really good too and when we asked for BBQ sauce to dip them in, they brought out a large bowl of hot (not spicy, but hot, warmed up) sauce. I’ve never been served heated BBQ sauce before, but now I can never go back to cold/room temperature sauce.

The service was really fantastic. We felt like we were living in a nice small town where everyone knew each other. Our server was friendly, efficient, and walked me through the menu keeping my dietary restrictions in mind (gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options are available) and the chef was very easy to work with regarding dietary restrictions for both dinner and breakfast.

Speaking of Breakfast, we were so impressed with Olivia’s that we gave it a try for brunch on our way out of town on the last day. The Banana Bread French toast sounds wonderful. But, due to some dietary restrictions I really couldn’t try it and I was honestly really sad for a few minutes. The chef made me some special dairy free Mickey Waffles that cheered me right up! My husband ordered Olivia’s breakfast which was a simple eggs, potatoes, toast and bacon. He topped it off with a frozen cappuccino that rivaled anything you could order at your local coffee shop. Once again, the service was awesome and the experience was relaxing and enjoyable.

Dinner and Brunch at Olivias

So, if you find yourself needed a break from the parks, characters, or hustle and bustle-head on over to Old Key West and enjoy a meal at Olivia’s.

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