I love running Disney races. They are so magical, and not to mention lots of fun! Who doesn’t want to run through their favorite theme parks, take pictures with characters along the way, and dress up in fun costumes?

I have been running these races for years, so I feel like I am quite experienced in the do’s and don’ts, and particularly what to pack for race day.



-A lot of people choose to run these races in costume. Regardless of if you do or don’t, be sure to pack layers. Florida weather is very fickle, and I have seen race day weather change at the last minute. I advise bringing an old blanket or sweatshirt to wear to the start and then to toss after you begin running. Disney collects all of these items and brings them to the homeless shelters after the race. I also buy hot hands from the dollar bins at Target if it’s going to be cold race morning.


-If you do choose to wear a costume, be sure you practice in it before the race. I like to pack my costume in a big ziploc bag that way I’m not digging through my suitcase trying to find all the different pieces on race morning.


-runDisney provides water and Powerade on the course, as well as one GU stop for half marathons and two for the full There is also a food stop (bananas) for the full and a candy stop as well. However, if you are used to your own type of Powerade or GU, be sure to bring it with you. Some people just use their pockets, others wear a belt such as a flipbelt or spi belt. I sometimes carry a couple of tissues with me as well.


You never know when you will need a tissue after crossing the finish line with your mom.

-Don’t forget to bring a camera or your cell phone along as well. You will want to take pictures to document the fun! I carry mine in my hand but some people prefer to put it in an armband or a belt. I also bring an external battery charger and put it in my gear check back so I can recharge my battery right after the race and post pictures online as I’m riding back to my resort on the bus! Also don’t forget your Garmin or other GPS watch!


– I use body glide to help prevent chafing. Especially if it’s a humid day and you aren’t used to the humidity, you may want to pack some. I also pack bandaids, biofreeze, tylenol and sunscreen. All of these things are available at the med tents on the course, but I like to use them ahead of time so I am prepared.

-I typically wear sunglasses when I race and sometimes a hat or visor if it goes with my costume. That Florida sun is bright! I also bring extra hair ties and clips for my hair.


-For food pre race, I prefer to bring from home what I normally eat (a protein bar and banana).

– As far as shoes go, I always bring two pair of running shoes and I pack them in my carry on along with my costume in case my luggage gets lost.

-For recovery, I bring my foam roller, compression tights, and ziploc bags for ice back at the resort. (I also pack a small ziploc for my phone in case it’s raining on race morning, and a garbage bag to use as a poncho).

Good luck packing for your next runDisney race!

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